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When hiring for your small business, avoid the following

Whether you have a small business or a large one, you cannot do without employees. You have to choose the right members of your team so that you are able to achieve the desired results. 

When hiring for your small business, avoid the following

Wednesday November 29, 2017,

5 min Read


This brings us to the important task of hiring the most appropriate and the best people for your business.

Before going on a hiring spree, you must set the procedures that you need to be done in the workplace. When you have the knowledge of what has to be done, you will be able to choose people appropriate for the job. The factors that you must consider when choosing your team members include work experience, interpersonal skills, professionalism, dedication and commitment and the zeal to excel.

However, there are certain things that you must avoid when hiring people for your company or small business:

Hurry through the hiring process

The people that you are going to hire as your task force will remain with you until things between you are cordial and beneficial to both of you. Therefore, you cannot hire just about anybody on your whim or fancy. You will have to take care that all legal aspects related to your business are first sorted out and only after you have the license and the certification to run the business should you start hiring. Rushing into the hiring process without completing the legal formalities may land you in trouble and you would not be able to start your business.

Before plunging into the world of business and taking up hiring, you must take up training and development program that will help you find ways to get the best team for your business. You can even take the help of experts to hire on your behalf. You must give them the guidelines regarding your choice of personnel and any special qualities that you wish to have in them.

Incomplete job description

When you advertise any position in your business, you must ensure that you have given all the details required for the job. This will enable the applicants to view the job description properly and they will submit the application only when they are sure of themselves and their ability to take over the required position. You must be clear about what you are looking for in the prospective applicant and what you expect of him. Once you select a candidate on the basis of the description given in the advertisement, you cannot level any charges of incompetency or any other issues if the employee fails to work as required.

If you want the prospective candidate to work in a team, you must check whether he has the characteristics of working in a team environment and whether he will be able to work in tandem with his colleagues.

If you are outsourcing the hiring job to marketing agencies or any other person, you must specify the qualities that you look forward to in your employees. When hiring any person in your organization you must show them that they need to be professional and organized. This way you can be assured of hiring high-quality employees that know their stature.

Rely on your first impression

When you are hiring for your business, you need to keep aside any personal preferences as you are hiring for the betterment of your business. Often times some people are very good to talk to or relate to but they might not be as good as they seem when it comes to working professionally. Therefore, instead of simply going by your instincts or relying only on the first impression of the employee, you must choose carefully.

Careful evaluation of the applicant along with all the certifications should be the basis for choosing the best person fit for the job. You must remember that even prospective applicants put their best foot forward when they come into the interview. You must have the ability to pull up a person that is not well trained, educated or experienced or else you would find yourself in an awkward situation as you will select an inappropriate candidate.

Hiring without checking references

This advice is not just for small business owners but for any sized business owner. You must always hire the prospective employee after checking references. You must confirm the details that have been submitted by the applicant. While all things might look very rosy on paper, they need to be verified to ensure that you are not hiring an inappropriate person. If the candidate had been previously working, you must check out with his/her former employee and get details of his/her attitude, work ethics, and other traits. You must also check out whether he left the job or his services were terminated for certain reasons.

You must also conduct a background check of the applicant as you would not want to hire an ex-convict or a person that has signed legally.

Expect too much from your employee

Even if you hire a well trained and experienced person for your job, you need to give him/her time to adjust to your work culture. Every office has its working environment and it takes a while to understand the working procedures. Therefore, expecting too much from your employees right from the start would be too harsh. You must provide training of some sort to the employees so that they can well understand your style of working.


Hiring is an important part of your business setup. You must evaluate the requirements of your business and then choose candidates that best fit the bill. You must ensure that you follow the employment checklist before hiring as this will help you check all aspects that are essential while hiring. You must remember that your employees will be your representatives. You must choose those candidates that can adapt to your style or working and have the zeal to take your business forward as their own. Therefore, you must be a little careful and choose employees diligently.