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I have a beautiful mind says the AI

AI driven cognitive systems will navigate through multitudes of data and will make split second decisions that are crucial to business. The unique nature of this cognitive systems to seek and develop dominating algorithms could lead to chaos if not regulated. The system should have the liberty to operate but be conscious that the mind has a crazy appetite.

I have a beautiful mind says the AI

Monday July 16, 2018,

6 min Read

Exponential growth in the field of Artificial intelligence! Who knows, what technology will dominate the future. One thing what we are certain about is, modern technologies are smart enough to learn from the system it interacts. 

We are slowly shifting towards a world which is dominated by smart systems. Systems that can process huge amount of data and infer a feasible solution. The obvious question is, to what extent will we be able to control the technological outburst.

Convenience will be given utmost importance. Almost all the complex work packages will be deduced from its simpler forms. AI-driven cognitive systems will navigate through multitudes of data and will make split-second decisions that are crucial to the business. 

These systems have the capability to process a huge amount of data that a human brain won’t be able to fathom. Recognize patterns and trends that humans fail to observe and extrapolate on the present and prehistoric data to predict the likelihood of an event. Not simple forecasting, we are talking about advanced predictive analytics. Imagine the implication it will have on the healthcare sector.

One good example will be, how Tuff University integrated artificial intelligence to solve a meandering puzzle that lasted decades-long, The Regeneration Mechanism of Planaria. The discovery has opened a new realm in the medical world. Association with conscious computers could help explore the medical world to deeper depths.


Hats off to the creative mind. Hope you all remember brainiac, the super computer of krypton, and how brilliant the system was. Even in the midst of chaos the system was able to convince the importance of its mere existence. The system was smart enough to manipulate a situation then prioritize data over sentient life. (Not so great to hear, but a brilliant strategy from the AI’s point of view, Or, it may have decided to be so human and prioritized its existence. Survival matters isn’t it).

AI Implemented in the Real World

With AI we are talking about a knowledge based economy. Most of the monotonous logical rudimentary jobs will be replaced by resourceful algorithms that can manage day to day operations more prudently. Down the line most business entities will be asking this question, Why should I employ 3 business analysts when I can have a foolproof system that could do better. Trust me, that's where we are heading. Machines have a versatile mind to adapt with changes, one minor upgrade and its well set to operate in the new environment (rather a radical change were the inter-dependency is compromised).

Imagine you left the day out with you friends, hit a bottle of the finest available, hope you got that one loud and clear. At dawn you decided to head back to your den. You hit the bottle so to the bottom, that you are in a spin, desperately in need of a chauffeur. It will be great to have someone drive you back home. What if the future holds the answer.

Lay back on your seat when the autonomous vehicle will drive you home safely. What if I say that by the time you reach home your bed will be well prepared and set to give you a comfortable sleep.

Integrated systems connected to a network will be able to interact with each other and gives you the best possible solution.Say you overslept, an AI will realise that you are late to office and will set a course of action to beat the traffic and to reach the destination on time. Even ping your personal secretary about the occasional delay.

AI in the Marketing World

Technology and Marketing, a lot needs to be explored in this domain. Technology has changed the way business used to operate. Think about a system that could quantify the voice modulation of a person and reflect empathy. What more does a marketer need, the sales pitch can be modulated based on the customer’s level of interest. Wola, a solid strategy to quality leads. Natural learning apps/ bots are gaining recognition so as to handle the increasing customer inquiries.

If you take a dip check on the emerging digital marketing trends, then you will find one discerning factor. The primary objective of business is to encapsulate data and offer a customized experience for the end user. In the digital epoch it’s important to get a clear understanding of what the customer wants and offer a tailored solution to meet the audience’s demand. Micro-moments, AI will help understand the needs for a succinct strategy, to deliver the best feasible solution when the demand is at its peak. People often don’t want to spend too much time on research, they want instant solution. Your AI can analyse the customers prehistoric data and try to pull a relevant solution for the customer.

AI in Law Enforcement

Supercomputers to empower the law enforcement agency.

With a resourceful amount of data that help anticipate the probability of a beach, the departments will be able to prevent crimes that are likely to take place. Social media is a goldmine for activities to promote radical thoughts and propaganda. By analyzing the data/ trends the AI will be able to derive crucial insights. Every action can be monitored recorded and subject to scrutiny.

With AI powered tools the law enforcement agency will be able to draft precise reports on incidents based on real time data and recorded facts, designing a foolproof system that cannot be manipulated. 

Advanced Machine Learning for Process Augmentation

Advanced Machine Learning make use of deep learning, where the expert system learns from data and experience then make decisions with the least human intervention. Advanced machine learning systems have wide applications in the digital world. The idea to develop self sustaining yet moderated artificial systems lead way for cognitive systems that can adapt and operate with multiple envelopes.

Advanced machine learning systems will be introduced to extreme conditions where human interaction may not sound possible. One such case will be space exploration. Humanoid robots, robonauts are developed to operate in remote conditions.

The risk awareness architecture by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Institute of Technology is another example. A resilient spacecraft, to operate within the envelopes and to navigate to remote destinations by robustly handling the spacecraft behaviour when subjected to extreme conditions.

Parting Notes:- Artificial intelligence has wide applications and will open new realms of opportunities. AI is a beautiful knowledge seeking mind, developed to operate within the set parameters and to operate within the ethical boundaries. The unique nature of this cognitive systems to seek and develop dominating algorithms could lead to chaos if not regulated. The system should have the liberty to operate but be conscious that the mind has a crazy appetite.