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Tixtore.com -Buy or sell spare tickets in India without profit - the ethical ticket exchange

Tixtore is a ticket reselling platform for real fans. So that they can connect with other real fans to sell or buy spare Tickets at face value or less than face value of Ticket.Ticket Touts or Scalpers are strictly prohibited at Tixtore.com

Tixtore.com -Buy or sell spare tickets in India without profit - the ethical ticket exchange

Thursday December 01, 2016,

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Ever wondered, why do we think a hundred times before booking a ticket much in advance for an upcoming event ? Or anxious for making last minute plans ?

It’s because we are scared about loosing money due to the cancellation of plan or the fear of not getting tickets in the last minute. Gotcha, right ? We know this is very much common in all of us, and it’s okay to do so now. To everyone’s rescue, we have come up with a beautiful platform – Tixtore, a ticket trading platform, which enables users to buy and sell tickets at it’s original price or lesser.

Don’t let your excitement and joy of last minute drills fade away by being anxious about availability of tickets. Find your tickets on Tixtore.

And next time, do not think much for booking an advance ticket of a much awaited event, we have got your back covered. Sell your tickets for free on Tixtore.

We are growing now and we will grow faster with your love and support. Like and share us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Tell your story to the social media about how Tixtore helped you in buying or selling a ticket, and help everyone in making exciting plans. We will feature some of the best stories on our website and Social media page. We welcome your suggestions, so please write to us and let us know what we can improve upon.

Origin of Tixtore:

Let me walk you all thorugh the journey of how it all started. I stay far away from my family. I had a thought of surprising them by booking advanced tickets for the most awaited movie. I immidiately booked it online without any second thught. But, to my disappointment, they were not able to make up for the movie for some reason. So, I started hunting for ways to sell out these tickets online, as we know cancellation of movie tickets is not possible. To my surprise, I hardly found any online place to sell my tickets. These websites were not much active, so my ticket remained unsold and I had to face a loss of 850 INR. This was the point for the birth of a new idea. The new idea which popped up in my mind was about starting an online ticket trading platform, where Individuals like me can sell their tickets and avoid these unfortunate losses. So, I started gearing up and immidiately contacted my friends to make it a reality. And, with our combined effort emerged out a website - Tixtore.com

After some simple research, analysis and calculation, I realized that the lack of platform for reselling or cancellation of tickets cost huge on the pocket of common people.

Here is a simple scenario:

Dear Zindagi First week movie collection:

Fri 8.75 cr, Sat 11.25 cr, Sun 12.50 cr, Mon 4.25 cr, Tue 4 cr, Wed 3.25 cr. Total: ₹ 44 cr. India biz.

On an average, if I assume per ticket cost 200 INR then total number of Tickets sold = 440000000/200 = 2200000

Let's assume only 5% of them ( which is very less) were not able to make it for the movie for some reason. Then, total number of tickets going waste will be 2200000 * 5/100 = 110000

Total cost of these tickets will be 110000 * 200 = 2 crore 20 lakhs ( This is just an assumption)

So, on a single movie there is a loss of more than 2 crores in one week. In India, every week many movies are getting released in Bollywood and other regional languages like like Telugu,Tamil etc. If we further add events, Concerts, Art & Theater, sports event to this, then this figure will increase by a huge margin.

Overall it’s a huge loss, which is faced just because of lack of ticket reselling platform. So, here we come up to fill this void with an Ethical ticket reselling platform - Tixtore, where you can post your unused tickets or you can buy it from a real Fan.

In our next update of website we are coming up with our mobile app.

Sometimes exchanging ticket with unknown person will become difficult for us and especially for female fans. So, we are working on many features which will secure your privacy, provide you with an option to negotiate with the seller as well as a safe and sound transaction through our website itself.

Here we come up with an Idea of Make Offer ( To negotiate with Seller) , Buy Now option by which you can directly buy these tickets from our website and we can deliver E-Ticket, M-Ticket directly to E mail account of Buyer and then we can pay back to seller after show get completed,Chat option between buyer and seller which will be useful for your privacy,So that you don't have to share your personal details such as mobile number on public place and easily you can buy or sell your tickets. These changes are still in development phase and will be available very soon on our website.

Please visit Tixtore.com to Buy or sell your unused or spare tickets in India at face value or less.


Contact us for any suggestion or complaint at - : [email protected] or [email protected]

Hope to see you soon at Tixtore.com

Best Regards,

Tixtore Management

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