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Just Invest 10k and started my own company Covervilla.com

A  Computer Engineer, having big dreams to become an entrepreneur.

Just Invest 10k and started  my own company Covervilla.com

Thursday December 22, 2016,

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Hello Folks,

My name is Himanshu Lunagariya and I am from Gondal, Gujarat- A very small town having 1 lack population. I am a proud Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. I had just startup my own Brand Covervilla.com Let we talk about my journey, may be somewhere someone will inspire through it as I inspired.

We are two members in my family, me and my mother (Mrs. Geetaben Lunagariya). My sister got married in 2014. In 2007, My father Late Mr. Sureshbhai Lunagariya was expired due to his illness. All the responsibility, worries and tension were came on my shoulder. As my father was suffered from illness for 2 years, our all savings and properties were sold out. In the end of year 2007 I came to know that we had nothing to feed ourselves, I was in 9th standard. My mother Mrs. Geetaben Lunagariya is the women who took all the responsibilities at herself and did job in schools, some tuition classes and some sewing machine work to feed me and my sister. 

In 2011, I got admission in Engineering college for the course of Computer Engineering. Luckily in 2013, I got the job in the privet sector "Bajaj Finserv India" for the post of sales executive . In 2014, my sister got married and from then our family had only two members. I started to took Freelancing work from online portals in 2015 and I was able to earn 7 to 8k per month from freelancing. I completed my bachelors of engineering in 2016 as I detained from college due to Less Attendance. All my expenses and basic need were fulfilled by my job and freelancing but there is something that was annoying me that I am a computer engineering student and doing marketing.That is the main reason I quit my job from "Bajaj Finserv" in starting of 2016. I setup all the things in my home for freelancing work and I was lucky that I earn 7 to 8k per month from freelancing work. In the middle of 2016, I felt that this freelancing is not suitable for lifetime and at that time "Engineerbabu - An IT Company in Indore" was trending on social media - Facebook, Linkdin, Everywhere. 

I read the story of Mr. Mayank Pratap Singh and Miss Aditi Chaurasia's startup of Engineerbabu and Motorbabu. I was very much inspired from their story and wanted to startup my own product. At that time, i had near about 20k savings from my work. As I am computer engineer, I develop my own e-commerce product "Covervilla.com". I spent 2k for hosting, certificate and domain name, 5k to register my firm and still I have 13k to expense for my dream. I started to search the product from local vendors, wholesales and manufacturers, luckily at that time one of my friend came to me because he wanted to develop his website for their factory. I meet him and then I came to know that he is starting a manufacturing factory for the product which I madly needed for my startup. At second meeting, I deal with him and got products Image in free of costs. Whenever someone purchase through our portal, he will manufacture that product within 1 or 2 days so their is no need of investment for the product. 

After that I met so many printing media to print our bag and courier companies to tie-up with us. I had finally deal with two courier companies and got one printing partner who print all our bags. I need 3k for the first time printing of sample bags and my company "Covervilla.com" took born in the market.

Currently we made 100 plus orders from our website and people is appreciating my approach. Many online e-commerce portal is giving same product as we offer in a very high range, while we offer the same product in very affordable range and 50 percent low than others. Soon we will launch the online car covers and many more products in a very affordable prize and same quality. The only reason we different from others is we do not have any vendors, we have our own (tie-up) manufacturing unit so that the prize we offer will be never given by anyone. The main reason we are different from other is we just startup our company from 10k and still I had remaining 10k amount :) and we do not have any investors. 

This is my journey, how I startup my own product in a very low budget. I seems that somewhere someone will read this and inspired through this as I inspired form Engineerbabu. Thank you.