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Attn:- Startups - How can you market for FREE

Easy and innovative ways to market for free

Attn:- Startups - How can you market for FREE

Friday June 09, 2017,

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I came across a post on Facebook, it felt like a medicine to a problem every startup face - Reaching out to prospective customers. Here is the post. Will post the link at last, in case you want to pursue it.


Do you see what I see, I see SXC (a private joke for fellow Xavierans). Now coming back to the moot point, they are offering free reach to customers.

How many of you have faced the problem of failing to reach to customers fast and in a cost effective manner?

I know I have. And you know what? It is difficult for both B2B and for B2C businesses. I have this platform ClubYantra (www.clubyantra.com), a B2B platform meant for fitness clubs to manage their businesses. When I started this venture, reaching a customer felt so difficult - I cannot just post on FB or Twitter and reach to Gym Owners. There I felt, a B2C business would be so simple - simply post an ad on FB or any platform. Guess what? I was wrong. My second platform Genecorp (www.genecorp.in), a place where we do simple gene analysis and help people in preventing life-threatening disease like Cancer, Heart disease, etc. This is a B2C business but you cannot post an FB or Twitter advertisement always, it is costly.


As you can see in the image above, to reach 1 person in FB you have to spend 25p (1/4 of a rupee). Let's not talk about LinkedIn or Twitter, cause their audience is more niche they charge a lot more. Coming back to the moot point, Reaching out to the audience is a constant pain for entrepreneurs and startups, especially the ones who are still to establish market credibility or who are still to be funded.

Here are 5 ways, which I feel can be done to add some reach your network. Feel free to add more points in comments and I would love to add your hacks to my list. Also, I will try to apply the below-mentioned hacks to my upcoming campaign and share results in the next article. Here goes my list:

The COVER PHOTO bomb - You would want people to stop and read about you and not see through and pass. A very simple way is to ask at least 25 of your friends to change their Cover Photo to your Brand's image. For better result, ask them to do everyone should do it at a specific time. For best result, ask 20-30 people to add your brand image to their WhatsApp status. These days it adds to free exposure too.

NICHE networking events - We try to be present in Startup events but these events are bombarded with people who are in the same boat as ours. As startup guys, we try to spend less so even if we want someone else's services we would try to postpone it. It is best to be present in interest-based or niche events like BNI or Toastmaster or a reading event. These places generally attract people working in corporates and are into business. Networking here will not only help you get potential customers but also potential investors.

The BLOGGER's paradise - Did you know how are people spending time online?


Yes, people read a lot. If you post blogs about your business experience, you never know blogs like www.yourstory.com, www.bizztor.com or www.sheroes.com can publish your story. Now, people are reading about your business from platforms from platforms that have solid viewership. On a normal day, it is really difficult to get your startup featured on these platforms. BTW, if someone can get this article posted on Yourstory.com or Bizztor.com or any such platforms, I will really be obliged.

Here is one of my blogs that got posted on www.bizztor.com http://bit.ly/2t1SdEU

College in-kind SPONSORSHIP - If you notice college students are all over the place for sponsorship. Amidst the millions they have to collect in sponsorships, they always have place for few people who can give them discount coupons and these are distributed freely in their college. This gets your name out and helps you get few customers too. The discount might reduce your margins but a worthy price for the reach.

The overly-used FB groups, free Whatsapp group and somethings like The Startup Grapevine - I won't talk much about these as you already know alot. But in case you still want to know, how it is done leave a comment I will reach out personally.

As promised here is the link of THE STARTUP GRAPEVINE, feel free to register. https://goo.gl/forms/SlSId9XbtcoFWOOR2

It might help your reach. I did too :P

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