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WAST:: A small step for a big change

Young team's try to change the society

Saturday July 16, 2016,

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When all put the full work in studies I took a different path to help people, I was in 8th grade then. I along with my friend started a group called WAST to help people in medical knowledge but we couldn't perform good that year. But next year was a huge turn for me, my teammates and organization. We first launched a campaign to bring awareness to people in our city Chennai, we photographed wastes thrown out of bin, open water etc and asked people there not to do so.

We thought of taking things to children as 

We should water the roots to cure the leaves.

Next we collected waste papers from our neighborhood and school to help children affected of cancer. But we had a turn there where we become larger to take our society to greater standards. With few more joining our team we created awareness among school children about their rights and democracy. By 2014 we were large enough to make a event of week long. That was national integration week celebration, where we created awareness on recycling(conservation), women's rights, linguistic harmony and importance of native language. We also recycled 1000kg of waste to help children in their studies. In the same event about 10,000 students and teachers pledged to support and protect India's unity along with its diversity.

We then sent about 3 lakh aid to Nepal restoration after the major earthquake. Now we are a having more than 400 supporters in Chennai and Tirupur and we are planning for huge Recycle drive next year to recycle wastes materials, to recycle waste food and to distribute excess food from one place to another.