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Email marketing- the most useful way for customer loyalty

Here are some tips to create an effective email marketing strategies & campaigns to increase engagement, build customer loyalty & improve business brand image.

Email marketing- the most useful way for customer loyalty

Tuesday June 26, 2018,

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You can build customer loyalty in various ways, but email marketing is one of the most effective. A number of Digital agencies in Mumbai use email marketing to get their customers to stay loyal.

Here are a few useful tips that will help you use email marketing efficiently:

Know who you are talking to. The main strength of email marketing is that it’s personal and gives you a sense of importance which a customer would definitely want from a brand. The key here is to personalize your messages. You might think it is impossible because of big email lists but even the Best digital marketing agencies in India use this, and if they are using it then it must be getting you certain results.

Do your research. This is one of the most important steps as you have to research your customer base to create an effective campaign. Luckily, the digital nature of email campaigns makes it easy to analyze results. Tools like ReachMail will create detailed reports about your campaign which you can use to improve on it. Research is an essential and contributes your campaign to become the best email marketing campaign which is what every brand wants.

Grab the attention of the customers. The most important thing is that your emails have to grab the attention of your customers and should not seem boring and should seem something that they would like to read. All the best email marketing campaigns are interesting to read and grab the attention of the customers from the first line. In today’s day and age, the content is king so make sure it is precise and to the point.

Make sure your content is easily accessible. Almost everyone today prefers to use their phones over their computers, and yet, a lot of marketers forget to optimize their content for mobile devices. Also for mobile phone readers, make sure that the content is overly long as it will not help. No one now likes to read something that long so try to keep it short.


These were some tips of email marketing which may help you out but there are also some email marketing strategies which help out a lot too, such as personalizing your messages. When we say personalized email marketing, we don’t mean that you sending an individual email to every single subscriber. Segment your subscribers,send mobile friendly emails, and automate email campaigns whenever possible.

These are effective email marketing strategies which will help you out a lot and will help you in keeping customer loyalty.

For b2b email marketing companies. B2C email marketing is easy as you know there is a customer on the other side but B2B is a really difficult form of email marketing as the B2C email marketing rules do not apply here and it’s a very different ball game that is played here.

Here are some B2B email marketing strategies that will be very helpful for your brand. Choose a Reliable Email Service Provider (ESP), Nominate an ESP Specialist in Your Team, Build a List of Interested Subscribers, Segment Your Audience, Automate Your Campaign, Use of RSS-to-Email, Nurture Promising Leads.

Email marketing hence has become very influential and if done right will help you keep the customers and is one of the most influential ways of enhancing customer loyalty.