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Beauty at your doorstep

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Beauty at your doorstep

Tuesday July 26, 2016,

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It was the usual morning in our start-up hustling & doing things until a phone call was received by Keerthana (our Beauty@Home lead). The phone call was from a woman requesting Cut and File to be done at 11AM the following day. Keerthana, then coordinated with the best beautician available (based on user rating & feedback) for that timeslot to take along for the service.

A brief intro about us to ensure everyone reading this blog understands our business. We are a bootstrapped technology company from Coimbatore who had just launched our product “BookMyHairStylist (http://bit.ly/BMHStylist)” that aggregates local salons & incentivizes its users in the form of coupons (specifically the local brick & motor shops) for every service done. We also have another segment within the app called “Beauty@Home” wherein we perform exclusive home services to our female users with the help of freelance women beauticians.

Coming back to the 11 AM booking, Keerthana & our beautician Jaya went to the user’s location & was surprised by what was instore for them. It was an 80 year old woman named Mrs. Mythili who had a small medical problem which required extreme precision to perform Cut and File. Keerthana & Jaya glared at each other and thought for a moment about accepting the booking & performing the Cut and File in spite of the medical problem.

They accepted the challenge & performed the service during which the 80 year old woman narrated her story to them. She had to travel to Bengaluru to her sister’s house to perform the same service (which often happens once in 3 months) as no existing salon in Coimbatore were ready to come home and perform the service to her.


We were featured in The Hindu (http://bit.ly/BMHStylist-HinduArt1) a week back which made Mrs. Mythili believe she had a solution now within her reach that is free from travel. She was narrating all this while Keerthana & Jaya were performing their magic on her feet. They completed the service & were extremely satisfied that they were able to help an elderly woman from her ongoing pain.

Mrs. Mythili was equally ecstatic to get the service done right at her doorstep & gave her blessings to Keerthana & our whole team.

Jaya, our beautician is a household who had been roped in to our platform post background checks. We always have believed in helping women in every possible way we can & this freelance beautician platform is one such. We have encouraged all the households with proper beautician course to upload their free time & take up assignments through us. This is extremely convenient for them & makes them earn money in their free time for their expertise.

Service done to Mrs. Mythili with the help of Jaya (a household) through our platform (BookMyHairStylist) seems to be the proof of our vision & thought process. Post this booking, we are so happy to share the information that we received 10 other bookings as referrals from Mrs. Mythili.

We were always adamant in believing that technology can touch a million lives if executed & built with proper values & vision. We feel so happy to have stood vindicated in this journey as of now. We operate only in Coimbatore as of now & have touched a few short of 1000 lives. Still a long way to go to achieve that million mark thoughTo know more

Visit the Playstore at http://bit.ly/BMHStylist

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