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2018 Marketing Changes That Will Resonate and Ripple Through 2019

2018 Marketing Changes That Will Resonate and Ripple Through 2019

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

null min Read

This year, the sector of marketing and advertisement has seen a paradigm shift towards technical and innovative enhancements. Implementing these developments in your marketing strategies next year can improve the effects of your pay per click marketing campaign.

Many changes in search engine marketing this year has rippled and reshaped the paid search marketing as well. Nearly all the changes were somehow related to either automation or machine learning. Some changes this year that your business should incorporate in order to get an edge over your competitors are:

1) New Name, New UI, New Google Ads:

There is a reason why Google decided to change the name of its advertisement platform from Google AdWords into Google Ads. It simply signifies the platform’s growth from text ads to a dozen ad formats across search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail and network of partner sites and apps.

The new UI of Google Ads is not only a new innovative design but also acts as a command center that will allow the users to easily segment data and bid on several platforms at once.

2) Insights based on Artificial Intelligence:

Google and Bing are focusing more on infusing AI into their search engines in order to make it more robust and solid. By introducing performance insights, competition tabs and location recommendations, they are immersing their search engines deep into machine learning.

By visualizing data based on the customer’s insights, the AI-powered marketers will be able to search and bid on more effective keywords for their business.

3) New inventory location and services:

Various new ways to publish Ads surfaced this year. Bing’s native Ads extended across the Microsoft Audience network. Connected TV advertisement is also growing rapidly. TV screens thus became the latest device type for video and display campaign in Google Ads.

With new ways of advertisement emerging it is better to work on them to gain a head start and make a presence on the internet.

4) Amazon becoming a force in online marketing:

Amazon is deepening its roots in the field of PPC marketing and is now in a competition against all-time advertisement giants Google and Facebook. Its Ads revenue is growing at a quick pace and is expected to increase 50 percent per year until 2020.

According to a survey, around 80 percent of the Amazon advertisers are willing to increase their investment in 2019, with 30 percent of them ready to shift budget from search. This data shows the impact of bidding on the Amazon advertisement campaign is worth a shot and can produce good ROI.

5) Artificial Intelligence powered bidding:

With AI-powered bidding in action, the impact on best pay per click marketing companies to gain customers is surely going to be enhanced. The AI will help bidders on the basis of their previous bids, statistical inferences and new data available through various sources to bid on the most suited keyword for their enterprise.

Google introduced machine learning powered strategies like target impression share and pay for conversions. This will let marketers test new targeting options without worrying about ROI and investing more in their search engine marketing campaign.

6) Voice Search:

It is predicted that by 2020 about 50 percent of the searches will be voice driven. With many voice recognition devices in the market, harnessing its power to draw traffic to a website can be quite astonishing.

By incorporating question and answer type format in website copy and bidding on keywords that match voice search, SEM service providers will be able to gather more customers.

7) Gathering audiences based on LinkedIn:

Bing launched the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) earlier in 2018 and syndicated Microsoft Audience Ads to support advertisements in its native platform. Bing also made LinkedIn categories according to the profile of companies, job function, and industry available to target search and shopping campaign. But, it is available only in the USA and European Union right now. However, this attribute may expand next year and it can be expected that the marketers will be able to avail this feature worldwide.

8) Automation:

Google introduced automation powered Smart Campaign for small businesses and Local campaign for driving more in-store traffic. With machine learning employed campaign, every action like audience targeting, ad creation and soon landing page creation will be automated based on the advertiser’s goals and objectives.

Automation will also help a PPC marketer to spend more of its time on developing other strategies like optimizing search ranking and manage other social media platforms.


To keep up with the ever-changing aspects of Search Engine Marketing can be a pain in the neck for many marketers. But dealing with the constant upgrades is really important to put the SEM efforts into overdrive and maintain your focus to grow your business.

Incorporating new technological enhancements into your marketing strategies can help your pay per click management firm to gather more traffic and drive them to your website.