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10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in India

Within recent years, the domain of mobile applications seems to have been flourishing in India entirely. With the heavy usage of mobile apps, the patrons never think before experimenting their hands on the latest release mobile applications.

10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in India

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

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2019 seems to a quite been fruitful year for the mobile application development companies in India. It is the year, where companies are putting much focus to their UX/UI design, looks for the

extravagant Internet of Things (IoT) features and chats bots that can make the entire mobile application look lavish. With increasing daily downloads to generating good revenue plus getting acknowledgment, the craze of mobile apps is high on the urge.

With every upcoming technology, mobile application companies keep updating their apps to keep the

folks up-to-date - be it a chat app, video applications, food delivery app, and

so on, the applications keeping empowering the start-ups to small enterprises

for goodwill.

Being the hub of mobile app development companies, sometimes looking for the best mobile development companies in India seems to be a stressful task.

To ease you with that here is a rundown of the 2019 best mobile application development companies in


Let’s get started!



From the last ten years, the company is delivering world-class website designs, mobile application, and enriched in Blockchain Technology, the Openxcell headquarters are located in India & USA. With offering marvelous IT services, having outstanding capabilities and a hardworking team of professionals, the Openxcell is one of the leading mobile & web Development Company in India.

Konstant Infosolutions:


Renowned for their hard work and liability, established in 2003 the Konstant Infosolutions is located in the heart of the Pink City. The company is famous for delivering the best in class IT services when it comes to website development and mobile applications.

Being in touch and worked with many international brands like NASSCOM, Scholastic, Seconds, Citrix, Rawbank, Nestle, and more, the Konstant Info solutions utilize the latest technologies to deploy incredible innovative artworks. Konstant Infosolutions is one of the companies that drive

award-winning strategies and plush frameworks.

Konstant info solutions have spread their wings to countries like USA & UAE.

Dot Com Infoway:

dotcom infoway

Believe in creating a trustworthy and state-of-art technology fan base for clients and vendors, and

the Dot Com Infoway IT services are exceptional. From offering the custom software development to latest technology built mobile applications, the Dot Com Infoway is a CMMI level 3 multinational companies with headquarters in the prestigious app market.

Consagous Technologies:


Specialized in deploying end to end product development, best in building classy website

frameworks and provisioned in using emerging technologies the Consagous Technologies IT services use forward successful strategies to give the best to their clients. The technical team comprises of hardworking, talented employees who give their right shot in creating the perfect user-experience development for both web and mobile.

Creative360 LLC:

creative 360

Located in the heart of NYC, the Creative 360 LLC is regarded as one of the leading website development and mobile app Development Company in the USA. Creative 360 LLC is famous throughout the nation for building user-friendly, dynamic and interactive iOS and Andriod applications. The company has a skillful team of highly knowledgeable and talented individuals who are well-versed in the technical working of their particular platforms.

Promatics Technologies:


Blooming for more than ten years, the Promatics Technologies today prides in being one of the leading custom software development and mobile application Development Company. Based in Noida, India Promatics Technologies is serving their outstanding services and solutions to many clients across the globe.



Enriched with the quality designs and popular as offering prominent software and web frameworks, the MacAppStudio provides a full array of IT services. Started in 2012, MacAppStudio within a short time frame became one of the leading software and mobile app Development Company in India with settling their headquarters at the busy streets of USA.

IndiaNIC InfoTech:


Based in Ahmedabad Gujarat, the IndiaNIC Infotech is specialized in building beautiful websites and incredible mobile application and that too in various platforms, be it an iOS app or

Andriod, their skillful team with impeccable knowledge is always ready to showcase their best outcomes. With using the latest technology, the IndiaNIC Infotech is a quite promising firm that

believes in providing quality technology in the global industry.



Started in 2014, the company is coined as one of the leading mobile app development

company; the Appinventiv is renowned to offering end-to-end mobility solutions, cross-platform, iOS, and Android and Windows mobile app development solutions to different start-ups and authorized brands globally. The company holds tremendous artwork in deploying storyboards and app prototyping.

Vesta Technologies:

vesta technologies

Vesta Technologies is a renowned name in the market of website and mobile application Development

Company. Based in Chennai, the company follows a very successful mantra to stay forward. The Vesta Technologies never lay their clients back, by offering the wondrous state-of-art technology to the

best in delivering the wireframes for mobile applications the company have a few of the best engineers.

And last!

Indeed, India has become a market for IT companies. Every day a new IT company opens up offering

the same services. But, the above-listed companies are the few of those IT companies who never shades their spark apart. You can discuss your portfolio and business ideas with these companies and can see your business growing towards the height of success. All of these companies are well-equipped, have many years of experience, and utilize the latest technology trends to stand

among the crowd.