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Most Important SEO Trends in 2019

Most Important SEO Trends in 2019

Thursday July 11, 2019,

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Invest in your SEO for better ROI of your overall digital marketing strategy. Learn SEO & other digital marketing modules. Most of the brands are investing in gaining organic reach with implementing SEO & content strategy.

It’s time to take a look at what’s ahead in 2019 for SEO professionals.

Which SEO strategy worked in dominating in the SERPs?

Let’s start with Audience understanding & their Intent

First of all, we need to know our audience preference like Video? Image? Text? Or Audio? One needs to understand what their users are expecting while searching for any phrase or Keywords. So that you’ll be in a position to answer them in the simplest way & grab their attention. Even if your website content is well optimized & your targeted audience is not interested in that. It won’t generate business for you. Now it’s more important for SEO & content specialist to understand the user intent behind every Keyword searched on search engines. That’s why the better you understand your audience the more effective your SEO strategy will be.

Now Google is not the only one for searches

In 2019 google won’t be the only search platform as amazon raised as an alternate in searches. Personally, I feel 2019 will be the year when SEO professionals once again had a focus beyond google. Focusing on traffic won’t work instead ensuring the optimized search experience will enhance the content visibility and would lead to conversion as well. The key is to be present at the place where the prospects are searching that too with quality content.

Structure Data Markup

The all-new AI has become important & the learning of AI needs structured data. As Google is investing in AI and we are experiencing some of its benefits. And if google shift from mobile-first to an AI-first world, structured data will play a crucial role in that case. It didn’t matter how good your AI is if the information took too long for crawling it won’t work.

Content, Content & Content

SEO discussion would be incomplete without content. In 2018 Algorithm updates of google revealed that it is intensifying its focus on evaluating content quality. In recent research, it is found that good quality content with exceptionally in-depth information soared in the ranking. The continuous up-gradation in google algorithm to enhance the experience is focused on content quality & in-depth information.

On-Page, where the SEO starts from

On Page optimization will be remain as important as earlier. It is not one time set & forgets. I have seen incredible results from On-Page optimization only. On page content should answer common queries. Consider using chatbots to answer general queries. There are plenty of things one can do on-page & increase reach.

Don’t miss the Voice Search

It’s not like this year would be the year of voice search but it’s a good idea to prepare for the most likely upcoming trends. Voice search is more continent than typing and in 2018 we have seen a drastic increase in voice search. So, now is the time to optimize with voice searches. Learn while the new updates catching up the market trends. Increase your visibility with voice searches in 2019 and the coming years. Many brands have started investing in voice searches to gain first-mover advantages.

These are a few SEO trends you might have experienced in 2019 but haven’t noticed. There are a lot more updates which the SEO industry is experiencing in 2019. Continuous learning will definitely enhance the exposure and we might see a few more updates towards the end of this year. One thing is very clear now that, one has to polish their skill set, but the good news is that there are plenty of training institute who provides digital marketing course in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangaluru, etc.