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Can law of attraction bring you startup funding?

Can law of attraction bring you startup funding?

Monday April 17, 2017,

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I love money. Yes, I call myself entrepreneur, and I love money as much as I love the quote, “You never make money, you attract it.”

I believe law of attraction is real. Not because I believe it is some super natural or metaphysical or something extrasensory, but because law of attraction comes from within. It’s a totally human thing. We control it. Let’s figure it out.

Who knows if your current bank balance is Rs.3700 or Rs.37,00,000? You.

Who tell others if you are living a financially wonderful life or miserable? You.

Who broadcast that you are going through a difficult time now? You, yourself.

Our behavior, verbal & body language, narrates a lot about us and what’s in our mind. Our voice tone, alertness, smile, facial expressions, our walking style broadcasts hell lot of signals about how we are feeling?

Those of us feeling great will attend more requests on LinkedIn, will write a blog post, will talk to more clients, will smile more often during the day, can even buy a metro ticket for uncle stranger, and will offer seat to another MAN happily, will call mom during lunch time, will do one more task for boss, will help a colleague, will comes up with lot more ideas that s/he can do this week, and may ask for help more often.

Now let me pick random examples from above to tell you what you broadcast doing all these things.

A. The mystery smile you had on your face will envy your colleague that you had a great time last night.

B. The uncle stranger whom you bought a metro ticket will assume that you are financially happy.

C. The MAN whom you offered a seat will consider you are quite energetic & fit. Who knows you might influence him to stay fit indirectly.

D. The sudden call during the day will leave your mom feeling happy that she hasn’t lost her rank in your priority list.

E. Your help requests to colleagues may leave an impression that you value their opinion. And so on…

But there is something constant in all these doings, and that is, ‘you weren’t looking needy’. But you were looking filled. Sub cautiously, with love, joy, help, courtesy & money. And this is where the law of attraction plays its part. What goes around comes around.

IMHO, there are two types of startups in India these days. 1) Startups for consumers, and 2) Startups for themselves.

The former type of startups focuses on solving a real & unattended problem for mass consumer relief. Their primary purpose of starting up becomes the mass consumption & mass relief. While a later type of startups use an existing business idea, try to seduce investors by going super niche, attend every possible funding event, and carry their elevator pitches to even toilets.

Understand, if consumer is on your mind, your sub cautious behavior will make you do more for consumers, which will bring in more consumers, initiating an upward spiral loop of positive consequences. But on other hand, if investor is on your mind all the time, then you’ll keep trying to seduce investors leaving your consumers to lazy customer support employees, initiating a downward spiral loop of consequences.

A startup is nothing but a business in initial phase, and business are built with real paying customers, not investors. An investor is an entrepreneur too in his own way. He wants to make money out of a solid business that consumers love, way ahead of competition in every area, and can make real dollars. Yes, I know they make money by valuation speculation too but that’s part of their game, not yours.

The confidence of a money making entrepreneur, sells his startup very well.