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Top 3 Secrets to increase your Facebook reach naturally

Top 3 Secrets to increase your Facebook reach naturally

Sunday May 28, 2017,

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Facebook algorithm should be deciding, which post to show on user’s news feed, Facebook algorithm is also called as Edge rank.

Facebook trying to show relevant and useful updated stories on user’s news feed, they are regularly working on improving the algorithm

Facebook algorithm having plenty of factors to decide which post to show in user’s feed.

1.Publish Most Reachable Post:

Content Length and Frequency:

The length of the content should be sufficient to give the audience a fair idea about the message that you wish to convey. Some readers are not interested to see the full post, but those who have interest will go through your complete content. This will improve your page and quality of the content.

While creating a post use hashtag “#”along with the content and use maximum of 3 hashtags “#”, because your post will show on Facebook search page result.


If someone is searching for “WowCoimbatore” in Facebook Search Engine, “WowCoimbatore” page or post will show on Search page result.

Avoid posting more than 2 times in a day.

Try always to give higher frequency and quality for your post that will lead to visibility and success.

Image must be of high quality and visually attractive. The text used in the image should be relevant and significant for the audiences.

Following type of post, you can create on Facebook which has high reach:





Apart from the above mentioned four types of post, one can also use to create adverts. The most common and important type of post that can be published on adverts are,


Based on my experience, post with image contents are likely to reach more people but video are proved to be more effective in terms of engaging the audiences.

The publication of each type of post must be within a specific rotational time frame and the same can be customized to reach out to more people at the same time.

Best Time to Publish:

You should be aware of the time frame on which your posts are likely to be visible to your users. The people who use Facebook, usually login in the specific time only. So, if you publish your post at during that time it will certainly increase reach and engagement. You must have fair understanding of the most effective timing of post publication.

Analyze your best time to publish and when your fans will be online. You can compare the timing of your previous posts with the present one that has got more reaches.

Facebook Page – insight – post


You can create post, publish post and analyze using Facebook Business Manager. It is a free tool for entire process in a single place. You can publish post as adverts, targeting methods like “interests” and “locations”. The posts and the pages will be visible to the users who have liked them and the audiences who have interest in the similar activities. If you use this manager, your posts will reach far and wide and increase its prominence.

2.Quality Checking to improve Page Engagement:

You must check relevancy and quality of the post. All information that you post should be checked. Some quality checking methods are stated below:-

A/B Testing on Page post:

A/B testing is comparing two posts of a page to see, which one is performing better.

Take “A” post image with content post and “B” post link with content, then compare both posts and check how engagement is happening, you must check these things such as, how many peoples are coming to page, likes, comment, share, Link clicks, Photo views.


Target Audience:

Target audience always should choose correct people then only post will get more engagement, while creating post you must choose perfect interest for the post


You can analyze your Fans location, People Reached location and People Engaged location for which the path is shared below.

Facebook Page – insights – people


Competitor Analysis:

Start to do competitors page site audit and add competitors page in your page insight.

Go to Insights on your Facebook page and clicks Posts. After that find Top posts from Pages you keep a note, then add your competitor’s. Once the competitor’s page is added, then scroll down to the pages to watch.


Compare your statistics with competitor’s page using tool “Fanpage Karma” and more tools.

3. Optimize Facebook Page for increasing Engagement naturally:

On-Page Optimization:

Entire content must be optimized on your Facebook Page. Go to “About” on Facebook page and upload your “Details”, all the details must be genuine and create attractive content.

Upload high resolution profile photo with your brand name that will make you “Brand name” visible.

Choose a perfect “Call to Action” button.

Synchronize Website, Twitter and Instagram on Facebook page.

If you are providing best information on Facebook page, it is possible to increase your page authority.

OffPage Optimization:

Optimize outside of the page, these things will improve, “Page accuracy”. Share the page post on related groups and Pages using your personal account.

Give comment on other Facebook groups and pages with signature, everything should be related to your page.


To increase your Facebook reach and to gain more attention among your friends group and in social media follow the above 3 steps to become a natural leader.