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As soon as I heard Indian accent, I thought it was a scam!

Do you really think you might get conned through this call, don't afraid this is an awareness call and a straight warning to scammers? It is true that some swindlers scam innocent people with a fake call and tempting offers about their services and they try to take your money and later you find out that you've been a victim of a con.

Friday May 26, 2017,

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"Working with people from different walk of life is a major concern, especially from a different country, even a different continent. If you get a call from India or anywhere, the first thing you might say, this is a con. Some people do have that mindset and you can't blame them for that. There are a few bad elements that take advantage of the fact that outsourcing is the thing that's happening but the least you can do is listen. Then you take your time and verify, however, they still say it's a con and disconnect the communication."

They dislike us for no fault, just an assumption. It's not that other countries don't have con men. There are all sorts of people everywhere. Even in the British, Asia, America and EMEA Countries (everywhere), we're looked down upon perhaps, we were slaves at one point in time. In your country, it's different, some of them still hold it against us because a lot of them have lost their jobs to Asians, and these are manageable sorts, cause they understand that outsourcing is a business and this business is profitable. Lately, they have become aware of certain modus operandi. The way this scam works, some callers would call and say you owe money and create urgency and make them cough out payment info. With that done, there not much left to the imagination. Which is similar to what happens in normality, with little difference.

So when you try to communicate with someone for a business matter, half of them cease communication by blocking the dialled no or id. They think it's a scam call but you can't blame them all the way. A handful of people have damaged our reputation, they gained but at what cost, they destroyed our country's reputation, the trust is gone big time.

You are forbidden...quite a lot of doors are slammed shut on your face cause you're an Indian and you might run a con.

Only if they would see that most of us work hard to make an honest living and that mindset that all Indians are cons makes it challenging for legitimate establishments. They got to understand that we work hard, we have more talent because we think out of the box and we work harder for lesser money cause we are from a developing country and we consider your business as our priority. But that's not even the point, a lot of business people look down upon Indians, C'mon what wrong have we done to you, we do our job with sincerity and dedication. We understand you've had bad experiences but not everyone here is a fraud.

India is a developing country, unlike yours; we put in efforts in our work to ensure mutual growth. We sometimes miss to get business from overseas by luck and hard work we have proved that we excel where others stop; we need an opportunity, not obstacles. But we will come over obstacles as long as the opportunity is not taken from us. We embrace challenges, even if you discriminate and make things difficult, it would be difficult and time-consuming but even in adversity we will keep working and with our sweat, we find ways no matter how challenging.

This article is to be aware scammers around the world, do not disquiet the honesty of those who work hard and with dedication...just because of you, we are losing the trust of others and the opportunity for growth.

But just to make you aware Mr Scammer, no matter how many obstacles come our way we will not stop. We will make them aware of how we work and how you cheat. And they will spread the word. Cons will be exposed. We are good at out of the box. We will work honestly and never give up. 
– Anoop Lakhera