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6 reasons your business must implement call management technology

Have a look at the great benefits this technology can bring to your business. 

6 reasons your business must implement call management technology

Friday March 02, 2018,

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Excellent customer service will always be a critical aspect of any business. One way to achieve great customer service is implementing and using a call management system. What is a call management system? This technology ensures that all inbound calls are met in the most efficient way possible. It saves your business time and leaves the caller content. This technology can be used by both small and large businesses. Here’s why your business needs a call management system.

Never miss a call

Missing a call can be detrimental to a business, it can be the loss of a sale or disgruntled customer. Call management technology ensures that you never miss a call. How? With a call overflow feature, it prevents missed calls by directing people to an overflow number that can handle extra calls. This is perfect for when the main line is too busy. Also, busy staff can simply pass on a call to another colleague.

Distinguish calls

Do you have a problem with separating business and personal calls? Call management will prepare you for the type of conversation you are going to have with call announce feature. The phone system identifies the name and number of the caller. This means you can prepare yourself for a sale or simply pick up the phone and talk to friends or family. If you want, you can add a feature that allows a caller to provide the reason they are calling. You will always be able to gauge the importance of a call.


With customised greetings, callers can control where they are sent using recorded menus. Callers use the number to select where their call is sent. This type of call menu and customisation will make the process more efficient and portray your business as established and successful.

Voicemail to e-mail

Checking voicemails is becoming more of a task, especially when you are busy. With call management technology, when somebody leaves a voicemail, it will be sent to your email. This way you can access your emails whenever you want, without listening to them one by one. Also, you can access them from where ever you are. With eVoice, you can even get an SMS function for your voicemail. 

Call recording

Call recording can be helpful for a number of things. When something important is discussed over a call and you need to refresh on what was said, you have it recorded. You can also review inbound calls at any time. You can also use a recording to improve customer service or train new staff. Finally, if a dispute needs to be settled, you can refer to a recorded phone call.

Time routing

Are you sick of getting calls after hours? Are you going on a holiday with the family and don’t want to be disturbed? With call management technology, you no longer have to worry about these issues. You can set up call routing based on the time of day. So, if you finish work at 5 pm, call to your phone will be routed to the next relevant point of contact. If you’re not in the office one day a week, a call can be routed elsewhere that day.

Take some time to research all call management solutions. Not all businesses will need to same features but all can benefit from the technology.