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Questions to ask before hiring a mobile app development agency

Questions to ask before hiring a mobile app development agency

Monday June 05, 2017,

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Developing a mobile app isn’t cheap. Many companies will even put off developing an app because of the cost involved. However, with more mobile devices in the world than there are people, never before has it been more useful to have a mobile app for your business. Whether you are in the early stages of ideation or have a full framework in mind, hiring an app development company could be the step needed to take your idea from concept to reality. If you aren’t particularly tech-minded, it can be easy to get caught up in the complexities and agree to things you don’t need, so follow these steps during the tender process in order to determine which development agency you should hire.

How often do your release an iteration?

Many mobile app development companies work in something called agile sprints. This means that they work towards solving a particular problem in a fixed period, usually one or two weeks. This means that you’ll have something to review and assess on a regular basis. If your app developer claims that you’ll have to wait until the end in order to view the final product, then you might want to steer towards an agency with more regular updates.

What phone do you use?

If you are looking for an Android app and no one in the agency has an Android phone, you may run into problems. You need to be able to see that the agency are excited about the different platforms available and are always looking for ways to try out new things and push the limits of a device. If they don’t have a stack of phones for testing in their office, you should quite rightly doubt their enthusiasm.

How do you communicate with the client?

Creating an app is a complex process, and there will be times when you need to convey complex information to the developers. If you aren’t working with a local agency, then you will want to find out how the agency intends to communicate with you during the process. Insufficient updates are a common reason that agencies and clients run into problems.

Can I see examples of your work?

If an agency tries to tell you that confidentiality means they can’t show you any examples then you should run in the other direction. A good agency will have a strong portfolio that shows what they are capable of, and they will want to show this off. If an agency can’t show you what they’ve worked on, it might mean that they are new to the game, or they haven’t created any good apps. Agencies like Apadmi have an enviable portfolio, so you would be confident leaving an app in their hands.