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You have the right to remain fit - 10 ways to stay motivated

The National Center for Health Statistics reports that only 19% of the population participates in intense workouts that last 20 minutes, 3 times per week. The problem with the other 81% of us? Motivation. When work, family, studies and other unmotivated guys cramp your workout schedule, try these tips to get back in the gym to stay.

You have the right to remain fit - 10 ways to stay motivated

Monday September 04, 2017,

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1. Do What You Like.

If the treadmill is your thing; build your workout routine around the treadmill. If you prefer working out in the privacy of your home, invest in a home gym or the equipment you most use and enjoy. Love sports? Make basketball or soccer your workout routine. If your cardio and weight workout directly benefit your sport, you’ll stay motivated as you see improvement in your game. Bottom line: Do what will continue to motivate and satisfy you.

2. Plan Your Workout.

Plan by the week or month and cross off each workout as you do it. If you miss a session, add it to the next day or week. You’ll stay motivated so you won’t pile up workouts and end up with three sessions a day by the end of the week.

3. Have A Backup Plan.

When an unexpected vacation, business trip or a new girlfriend pops up, our workout routine takes a back seat. It’s hard to get back in the swing of things after a week or two away. Have a set of free weights and a pedometer in the trunk that will travel with you. Plan ahead and check out local gyms or hotel workout centers before you travel. Use early mornings or lunch to run stairs. Most important, have a plan for how you’ll get right back into the swing when you return.

4. Workouts = Health.

Your body is either storing or burning fat. You decide which is does faster. Your body is also responding, inside and out, to what you make it do. Visit your doctor or take a cholesterol test at the pharmacy. Make the mental switch to realize that every minute you spend working out is time spent on your health.

5. Join A Team Or Sign Up For A Competition.

Nothing motivates us like peer pressure.

6. Have Multiple Training Partners.

When you have an accountability partner at the gym with you, you’re less likely to slack. However, the more comfortable you get with that person, the easier it is to skip a day or a circuit. Switch training partners often to keep motivation high and consistent.

7. Wanna Bet?

Make a wager you don’t want to lose with a friend, girlfriend or family member that holds you to a certain number of workouts a month, pounds lost or inches gained.

8. Rock Out.

Spend time creating a playlist of your favorite music – the kind that keeps you moving. Vary tempos so you continuously get spurts of musical adrenaline.

9. Streak.

Set goals for a certain number of days in a row you’ve worked out. When one streak ends, set an even longer goal.

10. Reward Yourself.

Choose a reward worth working for. Make that a year end goal. Along the way, choose smaller rewards that tie into the big one – month 1 = a new piece of luggage; month 4 = the hotel reservation; month 10 = new clothes; month 12 = the trip to a white sand beach with someone special who appreciates how you look and feel.

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