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Chennai is nearing to become organic city after sikkim..!

Yes you read it right.Chennai is nearing to become fully organic city in India after sikkim which has been announced as 100% organic state,thanks to"PKR Greens and Consultants",a new startup in the city that helped over 400+ customers to have their own rooftop garden and encouraging the city to grow their own eatables..!

Tuesday January 03, 2017,

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The journey of a Mechanical Engineer turned Entrepreneur..!This is Pavan Kumar R,the founder of PKR Greens and consultants,a new startup in the chennai city that helps out people for their one stop gardening solutions and encourages chennaites to grow their own eatables..!

I was studying my under-graduation at SMK Fomra Institute of technology by last year when i have no idea about my future.The financial status of my family depressed me alot to think about my future.After the chennai floods that caused more damage to our people,i was affected by severe stomach pain that left me in so much of pain and made me to find that the chemically prepared vegetables and the fast food culture is the reason behind it.

So i thought of thinking about building my own garden with the basic eatables like coriander,fenugreek and began to use the cowdungs,organically prepared pesticides.After my harvest i started realising the difference in the taste than i ate from market.This made me to start all the vegetable plants and some fruits too at the terrace,thanks to the facebook groups and my inspirer "Prakash Rajasekaran".I began to harvest my vegetables and used to consume small quantity from markets.

After completing my under-graduation,being unemployed waiting for my core job left me pennyless and i thought i can't ask my parents anymore.I had ten saplings left without pots,so i thought to sell it to someone needy.Posted online and got a good response,took all plant saplings and delivered directly to doorstep.My first income was this 200rs.A few days later,i began to see more people showing interest in the post i've posted online and a lady asked me if i could provide those plants for a return gift function.I said yes..! and started preparing my saplings from my garden.Thus,this all started..!

I began to research more about the requirement of people and started working on it.Took my friend Swaminathan out with me when i had more plants to sell.Worked tirelessly carrying and delivering plants to different parts of the city and achieved a massive success..!

I thought this would not be enough for me to earn as i started looking for my jobs and doing this as a part-time.The big decision i took to get into this completely is because of an order that asked me for a bulk 200 saplings for a whooping amount and i readily accepted the offer.But only after accepting,i began to know the difficulties in growing plants.Took this as a challenge,delivered 200 saplings as promised and the customers started recommending my names to netizens.

Growing vegetables was my main motto those days and when i began to sell the flowering saplings,people would ask for vegetables and after more enquiries i thought that this should be our main motto.So started terrace gardening services in chennai and organised several workshops to associations to grow what they eat.!! We've reached more heights than we thought and customer support was our main motto..!