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Top 25 Job Portals to Hire Blue-Collar Employees in India

A comprehensive list of best blue-collar job portals of India

Top 25 Job Portals to Hire Blue-Collar Employees in India

Tuesday February 13, 2018,

5 min Read

Hiring blue collar employees such as drivers, delivery staff, maids, cooks, peons, office boys, housekeepers, babysitters, aayah, carpenters, plumbers etc. is one of the most daunting tasks to do so in a country like India. Employers belonging to the informal sector such as shops, salons, beauty parlours, food joints, clinics, freelancers, self-employed individuals, startups and other small and medium scale businesses have always felt a huge gap to connect with blue-collar job seekers. The traditional solutions Middlemen or Placement Agencies are costly, complex and proven to be ineffective.


Many times, these middlemen or agencies doesn't allow to create a direct connection or/and direct relationship between an employer and a job seeker so that they can exploit both of them in future to earn more bucks. The reason is not only these middlemen or agencies but also lack of creation of right channels and education or awareness when it comes to using available channels. This problem and sector have remained under-served for a very long time but not anymore. 

With initiatives taken by Government of India such as Make in India, Digital India, Startup India, Skill India and other initiatives to support these initiatives has improved the current situation. But still, we are far from what we need to achieve. These initiatives are focused to create more jobs; or create more entrepreneurs or rather micro-entrepreneurs who can create more jobs especially blue collar jobs; improve skills of job seekers so that they become more qualified to get a job and sustain in their careers and create awareness about digital products and technology among people belonging to BoP (Bottom of Economic Pyramid) from both urban and rural areas; not limited to awareness but also make these digital facilities and internet more available to them.


With these initiatives, smartphone revolution and launch of 'Jio' lowering the internet pricing plans; people belonging to BoP or Informal Sector can make use of technology such as job portals or job apps to connect with a potential employer and vice versa. Now job search or hiring related to the blue-collar sector can be simple, smart and much cheaper than ever. Here are 25 blue collar job portals operating in India: 

Full Fledged Blue Collar Job Portals

Just Jobs - It is a full-fledged blue collar job portal catering to 24 different blue collar categories from 'Accountant' to 'Waiter'. It is forever free for job seekers and provides pocket-friendly pricing plans + free job post to employers.

Quikr JobsAn online classified website where an employer can post their vacancies as an ad and connect to various job seekers.

Aasaan Jobs - An online consultancy for blue-collar job sector in India providing all kinds of hiring solutions to startups and small to large scale businesses.

Saral Rozgar - A blue collar job portal in India created by Mahindra Group.

Chirag ka RozgarA blue collar job portal to connect rural talent with job opportunities or to provide 'Rozgar' to rural India.

Kaam 24 - Another job portal catering only to blue-collar categories in India.

Nano Jobs - A blue collar job portal catering 24 different categories.

OLX Jobs - A free classified website where an employer can post vacancy as an ad to connect with job seekers.

Kaamkaaj - It is a mobile app to post vacancies or search jobs for the blue-collar sector in India.

Job Nukkad - A job portal catering to make blue-collar hiring easy in India.

Work India - A blue collar job portal catering to 10 different categories.

Job is Job - A portal catering to the blue as well gray-collar jobs sector in India.

Blue Collar Job Portals catering to Specific Categories

Book My Bai - A job portal to hire bai or maid.

Mera Driver - A job portal to hire part-time or full-time driver/s in India.

Blue Collar Service Providers

UrbanClap - It helps you to connect with a number of blue-collar service providers.

Mr RightIt is the best application to hire blue or grey collar services. It is featured among the best apps in the year 2017.

Portea - It has qualified, skilled, talented and professional medical team that offers you the best quality medical services at home.

Find YahanA website to hire people with different types of skills or services.

House JoyA portal to hire all kinds of at or for home services.

Time Saverz - It also has a mobile app which makes it's convenient to book home maintenance, repair or other services.

QuikrEasy+ - Zimmber is now  QuikrEasy+.

My Care Line - A competitor to Portea to hire medical services at your home.

Care PurIt offers 24/7 medical services to its customers. 

Informal as well as Formal Jobs Portal

Mera JobMera Job serves both job seekers and employers for informal to formal jobs or hiring.

Job Niti - Another job portal that serves both formal as well as informal sector.

So these are the best job portals for blue-collar hiring or job search in India. One can visit any of these to search jobs or hire employees.