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The Midas touch

India is a country where the popularity and use of Gold seem to be Limitless. Whether it's marriage ceremony or a childbirth celebration the use of gold always makes up its place. Though the thought of using Gold color or the use of gold may sound a bit of odd some years earlier now Gold is the new trends among people.

The Midas touch

Wednesday September 20, 2017,

3 min Read

Obsession with gold is not just a recent development. Whether its marriage, birth or any other occasion gold holds a special position in life. From the time of king and queens to the time of prime minister and president, the love of gold remained same. Back in the ages, gold symbolized wealth as well as status and was used for decor purpose. Gold not only used for jewellery purpose but also for religious and decor purpose. The king of metal, gold, is widely used for the fact that it doesn’t rust and shining property. In the modern era, the gold is not outdated. It’s a new trend that’s being followed widely.

Modernization does have an impact on the traditional practices of gold but in a good way. People these days try to experiment and explore options to upgrade their lifestyle. The use of gold as an interior with a touch of authenticity is now what is trending. Who doesn’t want to feel royal? The subtle touch of gold in the wall, lamp stand, frames, candles, paintings, woods, metals creates the aura of aristocracy.

There are many ideas that need to be implied before adding gold artefacts in interiors. Keeping it simple would be the key point, The mix and match should be done to complement each product. The modern era requires classic portrayal of golden decor.

The touch of gold is not only limited to home decor and interiors but also its use in showpiece and idols. What has changed most over the time is the generosity and purity of gold. It’s getting costlier day by day. There are many options to turn your imagination into reality without getting into the costlier part like gold platting, gold leaf as well as a gold alloy. Modern technology has made the ongoing process easier and effortless.

India is the largest consumer of gold in the market. India has the very special place in the social, religious and economic state of India. Gold is a safe and secured investment. Gold is not only used as a jewellery and home decor but also in temples. Gold has a special relationship with the spirituality of India. There are many temples in India which are coated with gold. The Shree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala is among them. Not only the temple but the idol of Mahavishnu is made up of gold which costs around 500 crores. Most of the gold treasures are in the temples in form of coins, jewellery, idols etc. The other temples include Shirdi Saibaba Shrine in Mumbai, Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu, the shiddivinayak temple in Mumbai, Golden temple in Amritsar etc. The spiritual belief is so strong that people offer gold as a prayer to God. 

Mr. Pankaj Bhandari, MD, Smart Creations

Mr. Pankaj Bhandari, MD, Smart Creations