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Valentine Day gifts for friends

Valentine Day gifts for friends

Friday February 03, 2017,

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I’ll be there for you, because you are there for me too!

Deciding whom to spend your Valentine’s day is entirely your call. The basic thought process of the occasion is to express your affection and feelings for the people you love. That person need not be necessarily your significant half. It may be your friend, family, relative etc.

There are many valuable materialistic things in our lives which come with a cost. However, your friends are more valuable than any of your possessions. Friends are the family we choose. This expression indeed stands true in all the facets of our lives.

So, this valentine’s day strengthen the bond of acquaintanceship with your friends by gifting them some wonderful presents.

A personalized coffee mug

Undoubtedly, you know your friends better than anybody else. What are they crazy about? There has to be something. A movie, series, character, food, alcohol or anything they get hysterically excited about.

Chart out the poster of that fantasy on a coffee mug. Add a smile to their face every morning while they slurp coffee.

A Friendship Bracelet

Bracelets are swapped between besties as a symbolic gesture of a great friendship. Let your close friends tie it around the wrist. The knot of that bracelet represents the endless cycle of your friendship. Let constant support and association be the pillars of your relationship. Also, it will get you the sense of belongingness anywhere you go around.

A collage

Some things are invaluable and priceless. Having a collage picture with your close friends is one of them. Capture and gather all the pleasurable moments spent together with your friends in a piece of a photo frame.

Gift it to your friends and let them have it for the lifetime. It forms an absolute timeless idea of presenting Valentine’s day gifts for your best friends.

A book

Books are a grand gesture of your thoughtfulness. Nothing intrigues more than a good read for the people who are booklovers and bibliophiles. Give your friends a heavenly ride by gifting them a book of their interests.

You already know about their likes and genera of reading. To mention a few of them:

• Science fiction

• Mystery

• Horror

• Comics

• Series

• Travel

• Health

• History and so on.

The cracking sound of the new hard cover page will be quite gratifying.

Gifting as per the personality of the recipient

Every human being has a personality, and your friend is no exception to it. Gifting as per the personality forms as an apt way of gifting as the odds it being liked by the recipient increases significantly. Therefore, it forms best Valentine's day gifts for friends

If your friend is a high maintenance kind of a person, then a good perfume, or some cosmetics, or accessories should serve the purpose. If your friend is a geek head, feed his/her obsession with a gadget. It works definitely works out.

Eventually, whatever you gift, it should add some value to your relationship, as nothing comes before it. Give your meaningful relationship a touch of kindness.

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