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How to build great English vocabulary

How to build great English vocabulary

Wednesday July 12, 2017,

3 min Read

The existing global world is united by one sole language- “ENGLISH.” It is the only language that connects people from all over the world. The most demanding and all-pervasive language is actually very vast in rules and vocabulary. Its indispensable significance makes it eminent to be learnt by all of us. In every nook and corner of the world, English is at highest demand. Moreover, in the life of a student, a great vocabulary is a must have. This will help the students score excellent grades. With a great vocabulary, students will be able to perform well in their academic writing tasks.

Its prevalence is such that even in the small towns and villages, English coaching centers can be easily found. People at large opt for joining English coaching classes paying a handsome amount of money in the form of coaching fee. Joining the coaching classes, working upon the homework series, cramming the base is ultimately not going to take any one of us anywhere. If one wants to build a great vocabulary, the very first thing required is “determination” and then “focus.” Once you are determined and focused, you are already a step ahead.

Here are some tips to be followed in order to learn new vocabulary and expand the dimensions:

 Stay determined and focused- The very first and crucial step. Without firm determination and keen focus nothing can be achieved. Thus, one needs to be determined and focused.

 Read English newspapers daily (you will confront new words) - One of the best way to improve fluency in English and learning new vocabulary is reading newspaper. While reading a newspaper, you will find out many new words. Jot down the newly found words and know their meaning.

 Look for the new words in any good dictionary- The words found out in newspaper should be looked for in the dictionary. Their meaning should be derived.

 Read novels- Novels are even interesting to read. Read more and more novels, again jot down the newly found words.

 Write the word and meaning down in your notebook- Assemble all the newly learnt words with their meanings in your own created dictionary. Thus, it will be easy for you to go through them time and again.

 Learn the words with their meaning clear to you- Grasp the words with their meaning clear to you.

 Speak English regularly- Do speak English regularly. This will help you in learning the new words and make effective use of them.

 Make use of the newly adopted words- While speaking English; make use of the newly learnt words.

 Mobile apps to learn English vocabulary are a great way to learn vocabulary- Now-a-days; apps are available in mobile that lets you learn new vocabulary.

Play vocabulary games with friends and family- Various vocabulary games can be played with family and friends.

 Read special vocabulary books- Books specially meant for vocabulary can be referred.

Play vocabulary quizzes- Quiz games that tell you the meaning and asks you for the word can be played. These will help you a lot in recognizing the word.

These were certain tips that can be easily followed to build a great vocabulary. With a great vocabulary, you will be able to write attractive and outstanding assignments too. Thus, enhancing the vocabulary is very important for your own growth and development.

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