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3 Mobile Apps every business owner must download

This article lists 3 mobile apps that help business owners manage and monitor all their business's activities without any manual effort.

Friday August 11, 2017,

4 min Read

By 2017, the number of mobile application downloads is expected to hit 268.69 billion. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. Because, when you come to think of it, mobile apps have become a must have not only for individuals but also for business owners like you.

Wondering why? I’ll tell you.

Every business owner irrespective of the size of his/ her business is always busy. Even if they have a lot of money, time is always a scarce resource. They have to monitor and analyze their business’s activities, employees’ performance, overall expenditure, campaign performances etc, daily. Hence, finding a solution that is time saving and cost friendly is a win-win scenario for any business owner. And, mobile apps help in fulfilling both these objectives, provided you download the right app for your business.

Here’s a list of the top 3 mobile apps that are must haves for business owners:

1. Google Analytics: A powerful web analytic app

Every business irrespective of its size or industry type has a website, right? Also, the landing pages that are created on these websites are used in social media, ppc and marketing campaigns to create awareness and generate leads.

But, to understand which channel or campaign is driving relevant web traffic, you need a tool that could give you insights on the performance of each campaign/ channel. Here’s why downloading the Google Analytics App is beneficial for your business.

Google Analytics will help you monitor and analyze the performance of all your website traffic with just a click. Data on key metrics such as the number of sessions, session duration, bounce rate, CTR, conversion rate, etc help you measure the performance of each campaign better.

It enables you to make necessary adjustments in your future marketing strategies and keep a tab on your web traffic from anywhere, anytime. Further, it also allows you to create custom reports as per your requirements and share insights with colleagues to enable quicker and productive discussions.

2. MyOperator: An ideal call tracking app

In order to measure the success of your campaigns it is essential that you take into account all the factors that are responsible for generating leads. And, one important metric that most business owners often forget to measure is “Phone calls”.

Customers that call you are one of the most valuable sources of leads. Which is why you need to track and monitor all your business calls to ensure that you do not lose any potential business opportunity. Downloading the MyOperator mobile app is therefore, an ideal solution.

It is a call tracking app that helps business owners like you monitor and track your team’s call performance on the go. It allows you to view the daily call traffic of your business, the number of calls missed, received and followed up by each agent and department in your organization. It also enables agents in your organization to set reminders for follow ups and transfer calls seamlessly to different agents in just a click.

The MyOperator mobile app therefore, ensures that all your customer calls and queries are addressed. It also provides a database of interested customers that could be retargeted in your future marketing campaigns for lead generation.

3. Expensify: An expense report management app

Keeping a track on the expenses incurred by you and your employees can be cumbersome especially when done manually. But, what if I tell you an app can simplify the entire expenditure accounting process? Yes, you heard me right.

Expensify, is a mobile app that helps in keeping a track of all your expense receipts. Its smart scan automatically scans and imports receipt details thereby, helping you capture expenses on the go. It also allows you to create and categorize group expenses. This is very helpful especially when you have many employees that apply for reimbursements. Moreover, you can also approve and reject expense reimbursements directly from the app to do away with multi level approval workflows.

The Expensify app saves your time of maintaining a report of all your business expenses in spreadsheets. It helps you monitor and manage all expenses incurred by you and your employees directly on your mobile phone.

The above listed mobile apps will help business owners like you manage all your business activities, calls and expenses on your finger tips. Moreover, reducing manual efforts of creating and maintaining a database opens up more scope for you to utilize your time more productively.