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Why I need to pay my tax

Vardha Effect

Why I need to pay my tax

Wednesday December 14, 2016,

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Winds blowing in all direction, rains pouring from North,South, East and West direction, no power, no mobile network ( buzz !) Life in chennai is like this since monday 1 PM.

It was an absolute new experience to see the horrible hurricane effect at chennai. Again, in this 2016, chennai under a natural calamity " Cyclone Vardha". Last week when the prediction was received through news channels, many meme's came in social networking platforms " Vardha - Varuma or varaadha in tamil (!!!) - meaning will Vardha come or not !!!

But the natural force has shown us who she is really is !!

 It made me sad to see the trees troiling and have a toil to save themselves when the cyclone had the landfall. Poor the birds and dogs, can see the need for help in their eyes. One more time, chennai people shown their brotherhood spirit by helping the neighbours to clear the path and sickle the broken branches. Kuddos to the heroes !!

Chennai is under total devastation and almost every streets or roads have uprooted trees. Now I can see how green my chennai was !!!!!!!!

These trees should have been planted atleast some 30+ years older. Now, how can I see the flame of the forest along my roads and how do I see the dark red flowers on that. Oops, i do not see the mango tree where the kids in my neighbourhood use to play. I can see my neighbours picking up curry patta from the curry leaves tree which got uprooted on the road.

But, Really my mind started to think, what difference the government is making even though am paying my tax regularly. Am i given the privilege to walk/drive in even, smooth roads? Am i getting a good drinking water for consumption, Am i getting the Restoration process (mobile network disruption/power disruption) promptly? What happened to the drainage problem which am seeing almost most of the manholes are overflowing? At last, WHERE IS MY TAX MONEY???

After this demonetization activities, I am hearing government plans to improve the infrastructure to its people. I totally supported that, but now, after Vardha, i do not see any lessons' learnt from 2015 chennai floods. This makes me to question, Why the hell I need to pay my tax when my basic neccessites not facilitated by the corporation/government etc.,

 My prayers with those who lost their lives / incurred damages. God, save us !!