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Why are exchange development platforms great for trading cryptocurrencies?

Why are exchange development platforms great for trading cryptocurrencies?

Monday June 25, 2018,

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Cryptocurrencies have developed into a formidable financial force and at present, the majority of users are looking to get specific ones replaced over reliable, online counters. Although Bitcoin was the first digital currency to show up, it’s 2018 and we have literally lost count of the existing number of cryptocurrencies. With Blockchain technology at the helm, cryptocurrencies are usually backed by secured parameters and exchanging them over certain platforms is expected to pay rich dividends. However, it’s always advisable to work alongside a reliable exchange development firm when it comes to crypto trading.

Exchange Development: Understanding the Process

Although there are many secured Whitelabel Exchange Development companies around, the seasoned ones are usually optimized and often come forth with exceptional exchange software sets, integrated within the platform. The exchange process is highly simplified and initiated as private and instant trading; all across the globe. With exchange platforms, users can buy and sell the desired cryptocurrencies as a part of the online trading system.


Feature sets on offer

Cryptocurrency exchange, if and when initiated over the likes of ProlitusX, offer diverse opportunities to the customers. Firstly, the concerned user must check whether that software or platform has security engineers on-board.

1: Scalability is one major component and options like ProlitusX offer modular architecture, customizable platforms and API layer to the clients

 2: High-end usability is guaranteed with custom UI/UX themes created by professionals

3: The trading process is highly simplified and user-friendly

4: Security alerts exist as functional exchange platforms offer other perks like decentralized ledger, vulnerability assessments and in-house security experts

5: Two-factor authentication is also present

6: Exceptional workflow automation is supported for smart contacts; precisely in the form of decentralized exchange

7: Configurability is an exceptional trait and ProlitusX comes forth with granular access controls and changeable platform settings

A case study

ProlitusX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform that is best known for offering leadership and customer value. However, climbing up the list of exchange developers wasn’t easy and ProlitusX had its share of challenges to work around.


1: Ineffective business analysis

2: Budget handling constraints

3: Component inadequacy

4: Launch-specific difficulties

5: Coding errors

6: Concept-specific issues

ProlitusX mitigates every type of challenge by pushing forth enterprise-level exchange software to the clients. The dedicated development platform took care of the coding issues. In addition to that, there are multiple security experts at the helm that handled similar issues. This scalable platform helped identify the perfect business analysis tool for the concerned enterprises. Concept-based issues were handled perfectly with custom UI/UX themes, on-board. Lastly, trading cryptocurrencies became exceptionally easy for the customers as ProlitusX offered a seamless environment to work with.


Crypto exchange development platforms are the need of the hour and customers must always look to trade alongside reliable service providers. While the underlining concept of cryptocurrency exchange needs to bring forth high-end security options, it basically comes down to the intuitiveness on offer. Customers must be able to get their cryptocurrencies exchanged in any desirable format without having to worry about robustness and security.