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A Brief Overview of Microsoft Technology Stack for Businesses and Developers

A Brief Overview of Microsoft Technology Stack for Businesses and Developers

Monday January 14, 2019,

5 min Read

Microsoft is a name in technology that instantly registers confidence, whether it’s among developers building the applications or businesses who are getting the applications built. Acting as the energy force behind technology strategy of countless organizations, Microsoft stack of technologies and frameworks continues to help businesses write their story of success and growth. On the other hand, for developers, learning all about Microsoft technology stack is a wonderful way to gain skills that support their growth as a professional.

Attaining certification programs like Microsoft Technology Associate, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, or Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert can allow developers to solidify their learning in an effective way.

If you are not familiar with Microsoft technology stack, then this article will make things clearer for you. The stack is huge and comprises of a wide range of platforms and frameworks. Each has its own purpose, advantages, and unique value to offer. In this article, we’ll focus our attention on some of the most important technologies of Microsoft stack that all businesses and developers must know about.

The Evergreen .NET Framework

.NET framework by Microsoft remains one of its most popular offerings even so many years after its initial release. Microsoft web application development using .NET is preferred because it facilitates creation of high-performing, robust, and complex applications with great simplicity and ease. In fact, Microsoft app development with .NET is not just limited to web applications, it also extends to Windows services, Windows desktop applications, mobile applications, web services, and console applications. .NET can be leveraged to develop applications of any type and of any complexity. This is good news for businesses because they usually have a number of processes and functions to take care of as they grow. Developers will appreciate the fact that building big applications with .NET does not require a huge amount of coding effort.

Microsoft Office 365

 Helping businesses run smoothly on a day-to-day basis, Microsoft Office 365 consists of web-based offerings of the enterprise-scale Microsoft Office applications. Today, organizations prefer working in a cloud-based model because of the flexibility and scalability related advantages. By making applications available through cloud, Microsoft Office 365 allows businesses to use the Microsoft applications critical to their business operations in a simpler and more convenient way. Large scale enterprises are especially likely to find Microsoft Office 365 incredibly useful. In fact, any organization that is spread out across different locations or provides the facility of remote working to its employees, should use Microsoft Office 365. By doing so, they can enable seamless collaboration, documentation, and communication among their employees.

Microsoft Visual Studio

 An IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, Microsoft Visual Studio can be used for building practically anything. From web services and computer programs to web applications and mobile applications, Microsoft Visual Studio makes the life of developers easy by offering them an efficient way to code their applications. Developers can write, debug, and test their code with great accuracy which in turn empowers them to deliver applications of superior quality. Moreover, the IDE also provides capabilities for team collaboration further enriching the process of application development. An IDE like Microsoft Visual Studio is definitely a huge help to developers.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is the relational database management system product by Microsoft. You may also have heard of SQL Server being called as MSSQL. There are many advantages associated with this database server that make it superior than other similar products available in the market. Firstly, there is the high-grade security that’s assured with MSSQL Server with the use of encryption. Secondly, it is quite easy to install which is made possible by an installation procedure that’s simple to decipher and follow through.

Thirdly, from data fetch and storage to data recovery and restoration, SQL Server provides advanced mechanisms to effectively handle all such critical processes. Last but not the least, Microsoft SQL Server comes in many editions, each of which has its own array of features and pricing plan. Different organizations have different database needs depending on their size and data complexity. MSSQL Server takes this into account and tailors separate editions suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. As a business owner, you have the choice to work with a SQL Server edition that exactly fits into your business model.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

This framework by Microsoft is used for developing service-oriented applications for enabling asynchronous messaging between service endpoints. The service-oriented architecture is the key element of WCF. The benefits of WCF are plenty, including security, interoperability, extensibility, flexibility, and reliability. WCF can also be used in conjunction with other product offerings by Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 A popular CRM product offering by Microsoft, this software package serves as a complete CRM solution streamlining the areas of marketing, sales, and customer service. What’s really amazing about Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that customization is possible to an incredible degree. The extensibility and scalability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications allow them to be used exactly as per the needs of the specific business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help businesses significantly in improving their growth, earning more opportunities, managing information and operations, and more. Moreover, learning how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy. Especially if users have worked with other Microsoft products like Sharepoint and Office.


So this was a brief rundown on the key platforms and frameworks that come under the scope of Microsoft’s rich stack of technologies and are a must-know for businesses and developers alike. There are several other powerful technologies too by Microsoft. For developers, gaining proficiency in these technologies can help them stay up-to-date with the application development demands of the modern businesses. These technologies are here to stay and will continue to be the top choice for building business solutions. For businesses, finding the right Microsoft app development company to collaborate with is of utmost importance. The benefits offered by Microsoft products get maximized when coupled with the support of an expert Microsoft solutions provider.