5 Essential Mobile Apps to Help with Business Growth

    An era dominated by smartphones needs businesses to keep their competitive edge. Here are 5 apps to help you with hacking business growth.  

    4th Nov 2016
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    An era dominated by smartphones needs businesses to keep their competitive edge. Beyond a responsive website, it is now mandatory for businesses to “go mobile” for consumers and other businesses to communicate and build a relationship instantly. In this article, I will enumerate 10 mobile apps to help you with business growth.

    Growth Oriented Business Apps

    Here they are:

    #1 Square Register

    Any ecommerce business owner who want to be hands-on with payment collections will find Square Register highly beneficial. Anyone with a tablet or a smartphone can use this app to as an added plugin to collect credit card payments.

    With this app, you practically turn your phone into a credit card reader that eliminates the need to issue an invoice or use a physical credit card processor. You can also accept a gift card or offer a discount easily. The app dashboard displays valuable analytics, inventory reports, sales reports, and other project tracking details.

    Once a customer makes a payment, you can send digital receipts to customers, track sales history, track inventory and even accept feedback from merchants and customers, both.

    #2 Evernote

    Evernote is a digital notebook. Even a small business has endless things to take care of and the app creates a comprehensive list of all your notes and tasks in one convenient place.

    The desktop app synchronizes perfectly with its mobile versions. All your notes, pictures, and other data is easily accessible over multiple systems. You can even share them to other via the app.

    If you want a team on-board sign up for their Evernote Business account with which you can collaborate with everyone on the team. Join specific notebooks, invite co-workers, and share notes with specific people in the team. You can access everything offline, without an Internet connection.

    #3 JustFly

    JustFly is a travel app built by a couple of travel enthusiasts. Their app allows you easily book flight and hotel deals within minutes. They offer the best travel deals at a very affordable price.

    You can pay via credit card and PayPal. Once bought, receipt and transaction details are sent in the email. With this app, your travel itinerary is on your smartphone 24x7. They also offer timely discounts and combo offers. The app is sleek and easy to use.

    Along with JustFly, you can use Expensify app as it helps with staying organised and tracking travel expenses, keep track of receipts, and create expense reports 24x7.

    #4 Google Drive

    Google Drive is the ultimate tool for business owners from Google. You can create, access, and share files and folders from anywhere in the world. They have their own suite of Word, Excel and other components, with plugin integrations for document signing, editing and other requirements.

    Coupled with a project management software like Asana, it makes for a powerful combo. With Asana, you can assign different tasks to multiple users, at different locations. Communication and collaboration becomes smooth and swift which is a must for any business.

    #5 Robin

    Robin is like a virtual assistant that helps to manage your schedule daily. You can use the app to send emails to coworkers and clients alike. You can type your message and Robin app sends its across – a very hands-free device.

    So, you can just dictate while on the move. It also helps you in chores like giving traffic updates and parking guidance. You can also use Siri for iOS and Allo from Google for the same functionality.


    These 5 apps I listed above performs 5 basic functionalities for your business:

    1. Collect payment seamlessly, anywhere and anytime.

    2. Strategize and keep a note of business ideas and other activities.

    3. Keep track of travel, budgets, and receipts.

    4. Manage files and projects on one platform.

    5. Personal assistant to lower your work load.

    I know there are endless apps in the market and this is just the beginning. Make these apps the core aspect of your business. 

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