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Tour to Russia – A Trip you would never Forget

Tour to Russia – A Trip you would never Forget

Thursday February 16, 2017,

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Are you planning a vacation to a place where you can experience culture, heritage and witness history unfold in front of your eyes? In that case, Russia would be the perfect destination for you. Russia is a country where you can witness a culmination of both Asian and European culture. With Moscow, St. Petersburg (Leningrad) and other places, Russia offers a mind blowing experience which you would cherish for the rest of your life. These days, there are various options available to you, if you are looking for cheap Russian tours. There are various travel agencies who would design the best of packages for you at a very affordable rate.

The Russian packages include trips to the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Besides, it would be the responsibility of the tour operator to arrange for the logistics, accommodation and other aspects.

Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Russia to experience the tradition and heritage of this place. If you have a fascination towards Vodka, then this is the country you must visit to taste the best quality of Vodkas.

Talking about the spots for tourist interest in Russia, there are countless places which are waiting for you. In the following section; you will be offered a brief insight into some of the famous tourist destinations in Russia

Important Tourist Destinations in Russia

St Isaac’s Cathedral: Saint Isaac's Cathedral is one of the largest Orthodox Cathedrals in Russia and is located in St. Petersburg. It is the 4th largest cathedral in the entire world and is the largest Orthodox basilica. This cathedral is dedicated to the Saint Isaac of Dalmatia who used to be a patron of Peter the Great

Peterhof Grand Palace: The Peterhof Grand Palace is a section of the gardens and palaces which were constructed by Peter the Great. These gardens and palaces are also known by the name of "Russian Versailles." This palace as been recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Tretyakov Gallery: The State Tretyakov Gallery is located in the city of Moscow. It is an art gallery which contains some of the best works of Russian arts and also from other parts of the world. This gallery was set up in the year 1865. In the year 1892, no less than Tretyakov, the famous artist presented his collection of more than 2,000 works to this gallery.

St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg is one of the most famous Russian port cities which is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea. For more than two years, it remained as the imperial capital. This city was founded by Peter the Great in the year 1703 and is marked by the famous statue of the “Bronze Horseman.” St Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia and has numerous spots of tourist attraction

On your trip to Russia, you simply cannot afford to miss out on Moscow and St. Petersburg tour. These are the two places which are of prime importance