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Computer repairing tricks

Computer repairing tricks

Sunday April 23, 2017,

3 min Read

Everything will be in steady position if your laptop or computer is not working. Gone are days when we face difficulties in repairing our desktops. Now long and rigid processes are become simpler. Here in this article we are presenting you some naïve tricks and tips to repair your computers in no time.

Computers are machines build up with electronic parts. It is a machine which comprises both software and hardware. If there isn’t proper maintenance your computer will fail to operate and you may end up with data loss and other crucial errors. It may cause to permanent break down of your computer and laptops.

Foremost thing you should do is to take back up of all important files. You shouldn’t forget to check environment in which you are going to repair your computer and laptops.

- You should utilize right tools so that you can fix your laptops again in perfect way.

- If your computer is getting freeze while starting please checkout voltage. And follow troubleshoot problem features.

- Believe me static electricity is foe for you and your laptops. Please try to stay away from it while repairing it.

- Please keep removed parts in safe and handy space so while fixing it you will not lose yourself in finding parts.

- When your computer is becoming too hot check whether any of the hardware is damaged or not. Please don’t forget to unplug your PC before troubleshooting your hardware problem.

- Frequently check status of drive from device manager in order to get proper idea about working of your computer and laptop.

- Observe your connectors in minute way to understand its working condition.

- If AC adapter is failed your battery is not going to work in this case check AC adapter with voltmeter. If it is required then change it.

- When your screen is completely blank the key reason behind it is a “Memory failure” for this you can reset your memory modules and it should be properly connected with slot.

- When you are disconnecting connection please observe every slot in detail so to fix it again in proper way.

- When fan in laptop is making noise please minutely clean the sink with some alcohol.

- Liquid spills are very dangerous and unpredictable please avoid excessive usage of spills.

- Try to put right screw at right place when you are reassembling laptops and computers. Wrong screw may lead to damage that part again. So, if you don’t want to open your laptop again use right screw.

- Remove unwanted and temporary file if you want your system to work smoothly and properly. Disk defragmentation is the best way to free memory of your computers.

- You should clean battery and fan to keep your device in working condition for longer time. You can use tooth brush and little amount of alcohol to clean your hardware devices.

- You should always utilize error checking utility to detect error of hardware device. It will show error in very little time so you can fix it in perfect manner.

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