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Avoid having your adsense account cancelled by Google

A lot of people report being banned for unnecessary issues and things they never did. But who is there to defend them?

Avoid having your adsense account cancelled by Google

Tuesday May 09, 2017,

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 Google’s Adsense Team seems to make more money when they find violators than anything else; they are always looking for violators to "side-track". After taking the pains to setup a good ad site, we definitely don’t want all these efforts blown into the thin air for some useless reasons. Therefore, it is better to play the good boy and observe every single rule without which we might become potential suspects. No, it is not hard to understand, not when you have a simplified guide like the ones listed below.

Tips That Will Keep You Out Of Google’s Black-Book

The use of autosurf programs in a site that contain Adsense ads is considered a crime. These programs are designed to increase website traffic, Adsense page view, ECPM, etc. It is therefore a violation of the Adsense policies.

The experience I got through my blog about health, nutrition and technology, taught me that traffic exchange networks and programs are potential banning traps. Keep your Adsense site free from such. Once Google suspects a group of people visiting one another’s sites or making clicks, that is a go. Any fraudulent activity meant to increase site traffic, page view or ecpm is strictly prohibited by Google.

Read and observe Google Adsense Terms and Conditions. Google have stated that they can update these terms any time without prior notice to publishers. Therefore it is better if you can go back to these terms; say once or twice every month, to keep yourself updated with the rules and escape routes.


• Adsense publishers must be 18 years of age or above

• you must create a Privacy Policy Page in your blog or site

• clicking on your own ads is an unforgivable offence

• keep your sites free from any licensed material

• your site must be at least 50% quality and 100% original

• sites meant for porn, weapons, gambling, hacking, and other common inappropriate contents should not be used for Adsense; they will put you into trouble

• do not change the content of your Adsense code or alter it in any way

• old contents and broken links may become serious with time, stay away from them

• do not hide Adsense ads or indulge in any other tricky measure to get clicks; by keeping ads in pop-ups, emails, etc

• targeting high paying keywords with a lot of websites is against the rule

• do not use sites that are still under construction for Adsense

• though people take this very common, but you are always advised not to publicize your Adsense earnings for any reason

Becoming an Adsense publisher can be very easy for most people. However, what I found to be very demanding is maintaining the status without breaking any rules, either knowingly or unknowingly. People get banned every now and then that you may begin to wonder if there is a system designed to ban people without any rule or confrontation. Of course Google will never confront you until you are banned and they take Adsense offences very serious. Hence you owe it to yourself to consistently check the TOS in order to ensure that you are still ‘sailing.


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