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Best time of the day to post on Instagram

Best time of the day to post on Instagram

Monday June 19, 2017,

4 min Read


Not getting enough engagement with your followers on your Instagram posts?

You know why?

Your post contents and quality may be one of the reasons of not getting enough likes and comment but that’s not only reason.


What if your contents are up to the mark and relevant too and still can’t receive enough followers engagements on your posts?.

Think! Think!

Leave it! Let me tell you,

It’s the Time!

Yes that’s time, the time when your followers use Instagram mostly, the time when your target audiences are actually engaging with pages like yours and the time when your audiences are off work.

Remember, you can’t get your followers’ attention to your posts when they are busy with their own job. You’ve to know when your followers are free and are actually scrolling down on Instagram.

More importantly,

Does time really matters?

To understand whether time really matters or not for engaging followers you must know the Instagram algorithm for feeds.

Shall we begin?

Earlier Instagram was using chronological method to feed the post to users according to which Instagram show all the most recent post i.e. as soon as the post will be shared, it will be the first post to be seen by the followers till others don’t share another post.

So yeah! Time matters.


By the end of 2016, Instagram announced a new way of sorting posts in feed in which top priorities will be given to those posts to which people are engaging most rather than showing all the most recent posts.

So now what?

Is time still an important factor to engage followers?

Of course, it is still important and even more important than earlier as now you need to engage followers to your posts to increase its visibility for long duration to increase its impressions among your followers.

And to engage your followers to your post you need to know when they use to spend more time on Instagram, and that would be your best time to post your pictures.

And now comes the best part,

What is your best time of the day to post on Instagram?

There’s no full-proof set of time that can work for you to get engagements with your followers until you find it yourself by continuously experimenting with your posts.

You can use Instagram Insight, a free analytic tool from Instagram to observe the results of your experiments.

Instagram  Analytic tool

Instagram  Analytic tool

To figure out your own set of best time to post for your account, you need to work on these two factors:

Different time zones

If your target followers are from all around the world then posting according to a single time zone may no connect you with your followers from other part of the world. So you need to observe the time zone difference and sort out the most optimal set of times during which you can connect with most of your followers.

Instagram Insight show the percentage of followers across the world.

Instagram Insight show the percentage of followers across the world.

For example if you are based in India and most of your followers are from United States and Britain including India then, you need to sort out the set of time during which your followers from these nations can engage with you.

Follower demographics

Identifying age group, gender and location of your followers can be very effective in figuring out the best time of the day they use Instagram.

Followers from age group of 18-24 are mostly college students and most of them are night crawlers who are more likely to be active on Instagram at night and sharing post during those hours can be effective.

Instagram Insight showing percentage of male and female followers

Instagram Insight showing percentage of male and female followers

However, followers of age group 25-35 are mostly 09 to 05 workers who are more likely to use Instagram in morning and during off hours in office.

Thus figuring out the demographics of target followers can be helpful in deciding your best time of the day to post.

Make sure that you keep your eye on every slight change in your user’s engagements and keep experimenting by posting pictures out of your best sorted set of time so that you can find better options.


Always remember that despite of all the researches and what experts says about your best time of the day to post everything that matters is the behavior of your own followers.

You won’t know exactly what suits best for your Instagram until you start experimenting and keep records of your post insights.

So keep experimenting, keep observing and keep connecting with your audience in your own way.

I hope this article will help you to figure out your best time of the day to post for better engagement with target followers.

So What's your best time of the day to post?

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