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Simple ways to create a happy workplace

Every employer strives to create a fair and happy workplace for their employees, as a happy workforce means more productivity.

Simple ways to create a happy workplace

Tuesday July 24, 2018,

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Every employer strives to create a fair and happy workplace for their employees, as a happy workforce means more productivity. The key is to create the perfect balance between work and play, as business growth is often linked to employee motivation. With this in mind, here are some simple tips to create a happy and motivated workforce...


Praise and recognition:

Everybody enjoys receiving praise and recognition for hard work, as it shows that our efforts have been noted. For many of us, work is just a way to pay all of the bills, however, it’s still important to receive praise and recognition where it’s due.

This can be something as simple as sending a quick email to your employee, thanking them for all of their hard work, or for a more personal touch, a handwritten note that has been left on their desk.

Little gestures like this go a long way and can be the difference between a hardworking and an unmotivated, under-appreciated feeling employee. Alternatively, you can give out “employee of the month” awards, with a small cash bonus, or even just their picture on the wall.

Work benefits:

With so many key industries competing against each other, it’s more important than ever to offer perks to your employees in order to maintain high staff retention levels. Many professionals make decisions on where they want to work, based on the perks that they are offered.

Work perks can vary from gym memberships, the opportunity to work at home, flexible working hours, payment increase plans, monthly bonuses, work phones and so on. By offering perks, you are giving your employees a reason to stay at your company.

Positive atmosphere:

Creating a positive atmosphere is essential in the workplace and is easy to achieve. Though, you will find that this is where most employees fail, as they overstep the boundary and become complacent.

Having an office or a workspace that has plenty of natural lighting is enough to boost your employee's mood. As well as this, you can also engage in extra-curricular activities such as going out for drinks, having staff days out and arranging meals etc.

Resolve disputes quickly:

The key to maintaining a happy workplace is to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. It’s important to ensure that both parties are heard and are given a fair trial, Deal with this quickly and try to nip it in the bud as best as you can, as ongoing feuds can start to affect the whole office.

Alice Porter works closely with the employment solicitors in order to better inform business owners on how to create a successful work environment. 

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