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5 things to understand about your team

A good team translates into a great culture and a great culture is a sign for a profitable company

5 things to understand about your team

Wednesday March 29, 2017,

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The five different things which you need to understand about your employees, mentors & consultants are

1. Be Transparent – The most critical part of the relationship lies in how transparent you’re with your people. If you can make them understand why their work is important in the bigger scheme of things & how you could give them more responsibility if everything goes well isn’t burdening them with work. It is the process of “Trust Building”.

Educate them about the KPIs and what would get them that hike which is running in their minds all the time. This will give them clarity and help both of you focus on the real work.

2. Personal connect – No matter how busy you’re with your work. Occasionally, take a break, talk to your people through WhatsApp or just call them or talk to them when you meet them in the cafe or anywhere. Break the routine, and bring that smile on everyone’s face every now and then.

3. Say Thanks – Say “Thanks” when a work is done, not just an email but sometimes a text, or a call. This does wonder, a gratitude weighs more than appreciations, any day.

4. Be polite & take the time to sketch, draw or at least draft your idea of work – Not always what you want gets conveyed. You often feel disappointed when the desired work doesn’t get delivered. I’m a big fan of “Design Thinking” and would suggest you read about “Visualization – Design Theory” to understand this better.

5. What wows is not always what works out – This is also based on the concepts of “Design Thinking”, design thinking in simpler words is nothing but a documented approach to problem-solving. There are going to be times when you would find yourself in a dilemma to go back to your team & tell them to change or re-do a wonderful work.

It becomes important to tell them and make them understand not all great work works in the real world. This might bring a lot of disappointment & thereby read point No.1 🙂

A great idea is just an idea if people don’t believe in it. To translate your idea into a product and a product into a company, what you need is help & don’t shy away from asking for it.