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How much does it cost to make a music mobile app?

How much does it cost to make a music mobile app?

Monday May 07, 2018,

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The music industry has witnessed a paradigm shift from a CD to digitization and thriving with the advent of technological advancements. As per the Statista report, the digital music industry has earned a revenue of USD 7.8B in 2016.

The transformation of music sector is largely attributed to the streaming boom came in the year 2000. If we look at the ever-increasing music streaming revenue, we can expect that it would touch USD 10,691m in 2021.

Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

Today, as we live in the mobile-driven world, a customized music app can easily serve the objectives of music industry or musicians with appealing features.

It is interesting to jot down how customized mobile app solutions address the requirements of musicians while assisting them to stay ahead of the curve:

Spread Awareness

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

How would you connect with the listeners and fans online? Even if you have a website for promoting music, you need to optimize it for a better outreach. Mobile apps can assist you in web optimization and increase the brand awareness. As the smart devices become more prevalent, the mobile apps would enable musicians to earn name and fame.

Manage Reputation

Image Source: Pexels  

Image Source: Pexels  

Criticism is evident with the music industry. In recent times, every listener is a critic and their reviews matter. If you own a musical ‘brand’ as a DJ, an individual musician, or a band, it is crucial for you to manage the reputation of your brand online. A music mobile app prompts listeners to give positive reviews that can strengthen your profile.

Enhance Engagement

As a musician, your primary goal is to establish a long-term engagement with the audience. This is possible through social media, blogs, and by providing the features that the users want. One of such features is a customized playlist. In a way, a music app can enhance engagement of the users.

Facilitate Podcast

Do you know that podcast and an app are natural buddies? You can gain control of your music by showing authenticity with the help of podcast. It is easy to reach millions of potential listeners through the podcast. The tailored app facilitates podcast and enables you to leverage its benefits.

Offer excellent shopping experience

Image Source: Google  

Image Source: Google  

Today’s music listeners do not shy away from making purchase regarding songs, instrumental, or merchandise if they love your music. A mobile app can offer a facility to buy their favorite music in a creative way. You can earn good revenue through such in-app purchase and gain from the popularity of your music.

What would be the development cost of a bespoke music mobile app?

After knowing the advantages of a mobile app dedicated to music, let’s go toward the cost-estimate for developing such an app:

Mostly the features and the backend decide the development cost of any mobile app, and the music app is no exception. If you are ready to invest in a flourishing music streaming sector to grow your music business, then you need to offer the following features in your customized music mobile app:

User-friendly Interface with rich UX - This is the first and foremost requirement to make your app successful on the market.

Convenient custom Playlist option - Your users can select their most favorite songs and make a playlist.

Smooth Search or Discover option - Your app should have a smooth navigation and easy-to-use search bar.

Social media integration - It is the must-have feature for your app so that the app users can share their choices with friends on social media network.

Offline Music mode - Your app should work offline as well to attract users who have connectivity issues. You can also give this functionality in a paid version.

Personalized experience - By integrating a simple registration process, you can give your users a personalized experience.

Podcast and video streaming - As mentioned above, podcast plays a crucial role in making your app a hit. The video streaming facility would give an added advantage to your app.

You can make your app more captivating by adding a few extra features like:

Built-in ticket booking option for upcoming music events

Push notification option

Integrated events calendar

In-built chat functionality

Inclusion of radio stations

‘Favorite’ option to select songs as favorite

All these features are additional features for your mobile app, you can opt for not adding any of these features, but then, if you wish to make your app stay ahead of the crowd, then you should integrate them.

The back-end development comes next. It is necessary for a seamless performance of your app across both mobile and web platforms. The backend requires strategic planning and smart implementation. The mobile app developers keep focus on cloud storage, CDNs, video to audio transcoding, a configuration of media server and player, etc. while developing the back-end.

Now comes the costing part. As we mentioned earlier, the total development cost varies with features and back-end development, and therefore, the app developers are unable to give the estimate of total cost from the beginning. The mobile app development is a complicated and lengthy process that needs to consider many aspects and minute details. Any music mobile application development company charges on per hour basis as per the features and duration of your app project.

Currently, per hour charges are ranging between $30-$40, which a good deal for such apps. The cost also includes the charge for UI/UX designers, QA team, and back-end developers. However, you may need to pay more for developing an on-demand music streaming mobile apps, because such apps are depending on location factors.

Considering all these factors, you can get the best deal in India as the mobile app development companies based in this country offer the cheapest development rate for this type of apps. For example, the US-based firms take between $50-$250 per hour whereas the European developers take around $20-$170. But, Indian mobile app development companies take a reasonable charge between $15 to $80/hour.

Looking at these rates, you can get a feature-rich music streaming app by spending approximately between 20k to 40k for iOS and $30k to $50k for Android platform.

That’s it! Maybe your mobile app can be the next Shazam or Spotify. All you need is to act fast and go for custom mobile application solutions for your music business.

Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

The Wrap

Thriving mobile technology beats the drum for the music industry. Time is just right to get the most of the mobile platform with the help of a feature-rich music application. You can take your music-related business to the next level with a seamlessly working mobile music app that enables the users to share and enjoy their favorite music.

At Solution Analysts, we have expert mobile app developers have hands-on experience of making customized music mobile apps. Check a few of our music apps by clicking here and here. If you have any query related to the development process and costing of music app solutions, just drop us a line at [email protected] and our expert professionals will guide you from scratch.