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Here is why you need a sales mobile app for your business

Mobile apps have become an inherent part of many businesses nowadays, and they have also achieved quite much with the help of a mobile app dedicated for their business.

Here is why you need a sales mobile app for your business

Wednesday March 14, 2018,

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Mobile apps have become an inherent part of many businesses nowadays, and they have also achieved quite much with the help of a mobile app dedicated to their business. Many big brands with huge mass reach and brand awareness rely on external apps or e-commerce apps for sales, while they should be getting one for exclusively by reaching out the top mobile app development companies in their region. 


Evidently, mobile apps have helped some of the biggest and even small businesses increase sales by boosting their reach and expanding their customer database. How? Here are some of the benefits of using mobile apps in sales, to help you understand better.

Benefits of Mobile Sales App

Expand your customer base:

As you know that the sales of any product service depend on its promotional channels, mobile apps have been accepted as a mainstream tool by businesses. By using the sales app, we can reach have a bigger customer base, which means more leads, which in turn means more conversions. But eventually, in order to convert more, your app must have good traffic. So, ask the mobile app developers, working on your project, to instil a traffic analytics section in the app for tracking the incoming, conversion and bounce rate.

Efficiency or Effectiveness of sales:

Building a sales apps will always be the right thing to do because it helps the operator or manager to find all the data in one consolidated solution, all the time, on the go. And because leads and traffic can now be managed on the go, the efficiency is increased as in the need of the hour, not only your employees can respond to the situation, they can do that much quicker than sitting at their desktops.

Pressure on salesperson is decreased:

Without a sales application, the data that the salesperson receives is scattered and it is hard to imagine that the efficiency expectations would be met. And in case the employee tries to be more productive, work pressure increases which are unfortunately not a good thing if you want the accuracy of operations. So what could be the solution here? A more efficient system that balances workload and company goals.

Mobile App for sales is more organized:

Getting a call from an unknown number at the wrong place, at the wrong time is something that your prospective customers would always want to avoid. But the usual ways of selling for a company is simply using the user information for sales conversations, sending email templates and more. However, with a sales app, there is a better way of doing this by using a mobile app to collect users and lead data in an organized way and even the time of data generation to determine when a particular lead should be approached, on the basis of availability.

Analytics becomes easier:

Without analysis of sales data, achieving new milestones in sales would be difficult because you would not be tracking the leaks in your current strategy and making modifications to them. But with a sales mobile app, tracking and analysing data becomes possible, as most of the paid and unpaid analytics service providers offer dashboard analytics subscription service to give constant information and updates on how well you are doing with sales.

Some of the essential features a Sales app must have

Offline Utility:

The user convenience being one of the important factors should be taken care while having the mobile sales app. It may not be a good idea to build an app for sales if it does not work offline. Although, being offline, you cannot use web-based services in your app, but you can at least use the existing database stored locally on your mobile devices and some tools that make calculation estimation easier.

Type of Platform:

The type of platform you choose is directly proportional to your profits as we are talking about billions of people on each platform. In terms of mobile app development, while the most popular platforms at present are Android and iOS, there are Windows, Blackberry as well, which you can base your app upon. However, if you think you have a tight budget, you could choose to skip on Windows and Blackberry as these are, let’s be honest, at the brink of extinction as Nokia recently joined the Android line of phones.


Managing the user access rights for the application is very important as it determines who is going to operate the app and make changes to it as well. With access rights defined according to the designation of an employee in the company, sales can effectively be managed without the worry of conflict.