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Small Business Technologies to Use in 2017

Every year new technologies come, find out what technologies will small businesses use in 2017.

Small Business Technologies to Use in 2017

Friday February 03, 2017,

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What technologies will your small business use in 2017? By clearly monitoring new developments and key trends, it is significant for businesses starting their path of setting themselves on top position. Below are the technologies that your small businesses may use in 2017.

“Internet of Things” or IoT

IoT is believed to be a lot more common in devices like appliances, tools, watches and cars. This is also inserted into “smart devices” by way of embedding sensors, network connectivity and software. Thus, these devices have the ability of exchanging and collecting data.

For small businesses, this is the technology that needs to be adopted to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. These businesses will save money through the installation of smart sensors hat control lighting and thermostats. These can also help maximize energy usage and efficiency. Through the smart devices, inventories could be maintained and monitored completely and automatically. The supplies or products will be submitted after the quantity has dipped below a particular amount

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Artificial intelligence is not entirely about robots. This is also simply utilised in creating labor-saving devices. The applications of this technology emphasise customer service and employee support. The AI technologies usually have the power of bringing small businesses to the excellent customer service and technological levels just like bigger companies. There will no longer be a requirement of same-size expenses and staffs.

One good example of A.I is the digital personal assistant that is often utilised in book meetings. When one has been enrolled via a website, one may copy the AI assistant found on the scheduling email while the service will handle all coordination and correspondence from attendees. The main purpose of which is to look for the right time and date. This will really mean a huge energy and time saver.

A lot of companies today roll out those chat bots aiming to provide for 1st-line customer support. Through the use of a bot that collects initial information, the business could save more time when it comes to assistance to general queries. The employees will also spend more of their time in detailed and in-depth customer inquiries.

Data Loss and Prevention Programs

Sixty percent of all small businesses usually fail prior to 6 months of data breach including forty-three percent of cyber attacks. Through data loss prevention software to be used by small and medium-sized businesses, all those security threats will definitely be avoided.

Security breach growing or spear phishing is the most common issue faced by businesses these days. This will often occur the moment that a cyber hacker sends an email that is disguised by a specific sender address to another employee that requests confidential information. The email will look and will appear to be normal and will often come in a familiar email address.

Through a DLP program, it will be beneficial for a business owner as it picks up the intruder and deactivates the reply email. This will also help avoid the breach as it occurs.

Mobile Commerce Highlighted as the Best Technology to Use in 2017

Since most customers nowadays are interested in shopping their clothing items, accessories, shoe types and more online using their phones, it is therefore a good idea to up the technology used for the online business.

 Ease of Access to Clients

Through mobile commerce, a particular business will offer an ease of access to clients or customers. They will only make use of their mobile phones and visit your online store. There is only a need to ensure that the checkout process and the layout of the site will be perfect as these all play in the return.

For your business website that is mobile optimised, mobile shoppers only need to browse around. Mobile commerce will make the site better and make updates easier than before. The monitor of the traffic that comes into the website will also be determined. This will mainly provide you an idea of how significant it is in the upgrade of site.

Attracts a Lot of Customers

One of the unique advantages of a mobile commerce is that there will always be potentials of bringing in a lot of customers. Through an optimised website, there are more chances of retaining customer base and attracting more of them.

Creates a Newer Marketing Channel

One of the benefits of mobile commerce as a technology to be used in a business is that it lets you create a newer form of marketing channel. There are sensors that could be used and placed on product displays, shelves and signs to interact with other mobile devices. They can offer customers a more personalised and more unique shopping experience.

Helps in Conventional Retail Sales

One of the unique benefits of mobile commerce is that it helps in conventional retail sales. You could just imagine how a retail store highlights all products the easy and fast way possible. There will be an in-store inventory linked with the online products. This only means to say that customers could easily access all product information needed. This will help in encouraging more of their purchases.

High Return of Investment

The retail industry of the United States had experienced a growth of twenty-nine percent in 2015 and twenty-one percent in 2016. This was a great news for business owners especially those who optimize their websites.

After the site has been clearly optimised, a business owner will be on top of the game and will make it in the competition. In fact, sixty-seven percent of people are likely after buying from a friendly site. With millions and billions of people that tend to go online each month, just imagine the figures and the power of them all. Each of these customers will be impressed of making their purchase.

Now, you have learned more about the technologies to use in the year of 2017 for your business’ success!