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    Pf Withdrawal Issues Complaints

    By Geta Buddy
    December 02, 2016, Updated on : Thu Sep 05 2019 07:12:27 GMT+0000
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    Are in urgent need of money? Is your employer not helping you? Do you want to lodge provident fund complaints against the employer? You are at the right destination. This article would help you in it. I will discuss on PF withdrawal rules and PF withdrawal issues complaints in details.

    For complaint regarding the provident fund, a PF member can register his grievances on the EPFO website. EPFO, an acronym for Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), is a statutory body under the labour ministry of India for managing and looking after the employee provident funds. The EPFO of India helps salaried employees to save a part of their salary each month to build tax-exempt corpuses and hand over the same with interest and employer contribution at the time of their retirements. According to the new PF withdrawal rules 2016, an employee can use their provident fund money in some unavoidable circumstances like home loan payoff, treatment for self, medical bill payoff, admission of children in medical and engineering colleges, and renovation and alteration of homes and properties. EPFs, alias PFs, are basically a long-term savings tool to secure the life of the retired employees. It is responsible for giving an employee a financially stable condition and peaceful life after his or her retirement.

    Pf Withdrawal rules 2016

    Pf Withdrawal rules 2016 allow a salaried person withdraw a part of his/her PF amount only in two cases as mentioned below:

    1.He or she is jobless

    2.The employee has covered more than 2 months since he or she was last employed

    There might arise a case like an employee has withdrawn his or her money from the PF account at the time of leaving a company.

    There are some cases which are subject to waiting for over 2 months. These are liable to undergoing some reasonable restrictions. Therefore, you must consider the flowing exceptions before doing your EPFO claim online. Here you need to wait more than 2 months for your PF withdrawal.

    Given below are the exceptions

    1. The employee is leaving his or her present country to settle down permanently in a foreign country. There is no chance of returning to his or her country.

    2. The employee has received a new job offer in a foreign country.

    3. A female PF employee has taken a maternal leave to give birth of a new baby and take care of the newborn.

    To let EPFO know about your grievances regarding PF withdrawal issues online, you can follow these links


    This link will help you find out the nearest regional EPFO to register your grievances.

    Moreover, this link will guide you properly how to file provident fund complaints against your employer


    No much paperwork is needed for this.

    Some significant changes have been effective since February 10, 2016

    With four major amendments the government has been discouraging employees from withdrawing a huge PF amount, stating it an essential instrument for saving on a long-term basis.