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HTML5 Tools to Speed Up Development

HTML5 Tools to Speed Up Development

Sunday March 05, 2017,

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HTML5 is without an iota of doubt is the driving force, shaping the World Wide Web. It is a force to reckon with and that means, if you are still shying away from HTML5 and its nitty-gritty, you are making career sabotage. HTML5 is definitely different than its predecessor and that means, it will take some doing from your part to attain mastery on this language. Since the process is long and often tiring, here we are going to give a round-up of some cool tools that can help you speed up the next HTML5 project –


It is basically an HTML5 sprite sheet generator. It is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is drag and drop images on the given field and then click on the ‘Generate’ button generate stylesheet and sprite sheet. This tool is licensed under MIT and it is powered by a number of HTML5 APIs that add to its strength and simplicity.


If you are spending much of the product hours on wire framing or planning UI concept, you need to give this handy tool a try. Mockups is a nifty little HTML5 App, which is quite popular among web designers to design prototype without spending much time. There are options to export Mockups either in PNG or in PDF format. Its interface is nice and intuitive and that means, you will easily get the hang on this amazing and immensely powerful tool.

Sprite Box

Creation of CSS IDs and Classes from a single sprite image have got a bit easier with this revolutionary WYSIWYG tool. This tool uses background-position property for better aligning of a sprite image. This tool is a combination of web development Holy Trinity – HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. And did I tell you that this tool is absolutely free!


This an ideal and most effective web editing interface available out there for Content Management system. If you are looking for a full fledged and sophisticated HTML5 editing platform, than Create.js is exactly what you have been looking for. The biggest advantage of working with Create.Js is that it can integrated seamlessly with the backend of almost any Content Management System.

Create.Js allows you to edit or make changes right on the page. You can go on making as many changes in a given page and when you are done with, the information can be sent back to the CMS by clicking on a single button.

HTML5 Please

If you are not sure about which features of HTML5 are not supported by which browser, you need to get your hands on this amazing tool. This tool contains an interactive chart of CSS3 and HTML5 tags and informs you which browsers do not offer support for then. Since HTML5 is still in development stage, you are certainly going to need this tool more often than not.

Literally Canvas

This widget is built around an open source platform. It is a nice and little widget that does its job with fair level of accuracy. It lets users draw things on its Canvas by using some basic tools like – color picker, draw and there are other features integrated too that include pan, undo, redo, erase etc.

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