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Budget hotel Vs Luxury hotels

Saturday October 21, 2017,

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In the past, hotels were just a place for staying, with a room with a bed, table and a bathroom. Things have changed drastically now. Hotels are now more than that with multiple facilities like Air conditioning, refrigerator, Television etc.. And the list doesn’t stop there, modern hotels provide numerous other additional facilities like Wi-Fi, swimming pool, restaurants, bar etc.,

With these additional facilities there are more different types of hotels  available now. Based on the cost for accommodation, hotels can be classified as Budget hotels and Luxury hotels. Each of these types of hotels has distinctive features respectively.

Budget hotel

Budget hotels were established targeting the people who can only spend a minimum amount for staying. These hotels are generally has basic facilities without any luxurious features. They have basic facilities like clean bed, bathroom and washing facilities. Employees here are not necessarily professionals or experts. Rooms are generally not so spacious.

This doesn’t mean that they need to be cheap without any must required facilities. There are many budget hotels many facilities like Television, Air conditioning, which were once offered by the luxurious hotels.

These types of budget hotels are best suited for budget travelers who is not willing spend lavishly. It is the best option for people who are travelling alone and those who looking to stay for a short duration. 

Luxury hotel

As the name suggested, Luxury hotels are for the people who can spend more money. In addition to the basic facilities that a normal budget hotel has, these luxury hotels have additional features like refrigeration, bars, swimming pools etc. Some hotels may charge separately for these extra facilities.

These luxurious hotels are more spacious and rooms have more aesthetic looks. Employees here are highly professional. At the moment, luxurious hotels are only located in big cities and top tourist destinations. In a metro city like Chennai, there are many luxurious hotels near Tidel Park.

Luxury hotels are best suited for business travelers and the people who are travelling with their family and children.

With increase in number of hotels, there are is a wide range of option of hotels to choose form. You can choose it based on your budget.