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Three useful tips to gain momentum on Instagram

Wednesday April 12, 2017,

3 min Read

There are hundreds and thousands of users on Instagram. What can you do to get noticed on this popular photo-sharing social media platform? Following the basic rules like, regularly posting and including interesting descriptions with the images, etc., are interactive and help in strengthening the user base. However, these are not the only strategies to consider. There are certain Instagram-specific ways to consider that can help in gaining more likes and a higher fan-following.

Here are some essential tips to enhance your Instagram likes.

# Use the more popular hashtags

Hashtags help a lot in improving the popularity of the photos you have posted to your Instagram account. However, while selecting the Hashtags, you need to be careful. You simply cannot usehashtags that don’t focus on the subject matter. Therefore, you must think about Hashtags that are related to the subject matter perfectly, so that searching becomes easier. Well, it can be somewhat difficult to add Hashtags to the Instagram photos, via your phone. You can do one thing: simply upload the photos from the phone and then include Hashtags through the web-based interface of Instagram. You can even take help from sites, such as Like4Like that would help you in easily locating popular tags, followed by copying and pasting the same.

# Be creative with photo editing

You must consider photo editing very seriously. Limiting yourself to the Instagram's own filters may not be a great idea. They may be nice, but you must indulge into some more unique photo editing procedures. To that end, look for an app that would work best for you. If you could stick to a specific set of styles for all the photos you post, it would not be difficult to build a proper fan-following in a quick succession.

# Engage in the give and take policy

When using Instagram or while being part of any other social networking community, it’s always the engagement factor that mostly counts. The more you will be able to GIVE your time to the users, higher will be the chances of TAKING favor from them, in similar ways. Always leave comments on the photos of other users that you are following. But, then, while leaving comments, ensure they are thought-provoking enough to create a positive impact on the minds of those users. This practice gives you enhanced chances of getting noticed by the users.

If you can get featured on Instagram, things may become bigger and better for your brand. This will help in gaining an increased number of followers, on a regular basis. But, as we know, it is easier said than done! You simply don’t know which users will be picked by Instagram for its SUGGESTED USERS list. If you are lucky enough, Instagram would add you to that list, letting you enjoy the highest level of exposure on this popular social media network. 

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