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Beyond Virtuality

It's okay to be INDECISIVE sometimes !

Wednesday June 08, 2016,

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Some people, it is said, are born with dreams but some grow up with uncertainty, resulting in interludes with their own selves. I am one of them.Doctor and Engineer were the only prodigious terms that I was introduced to. Without the required sense of maturity, I chose to be the former and convinced myself to pursue the same unknowingly. I stripped bare the books of physics and Biology and only went to bed with Chemistry. My life only had two regular, ceaseless sessions of six hours.

As much as I had learnt enjoying what I did, a part of me knew something was wrong, something was not right. As strange as the thing I knew not.Tears rolled down my cheeks as I confronted myself with the adversity. Trust me, facing it yourself is harder than professing it to the world.

Anyways,I wanted a way out of the state of ignorance so I decided to discuss it with my parents.They encouraged me but I could see that question mark on their faces for I had asked them to support me to jump out from my child-aged 'dream'.I chose to learn fashion designing before 15 days to my Pre Medical Test. That was a huge step but that was me.

Yes, people judge me, not because I am pursuing Fashion designing but because I chose Fashion Designing over M.B.B.S. But well, Only a designer knows the amount of hard-work they have to put in.So, I let them judge because after a while they'll have someone else to talk about.They said,"What you write should have a part of you." What I wrote today is ME.