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3 Eye-opening Stories of Real-time Spooks Caused by IoT

With IoT devices gaining popularity, it’s time for you to be prepared for more snooping by your electronic devices.

3 Eye-opening Stories of Real-time Spooks Caused by IoT

Friday November 16, 2018,

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Do you have this eerie feeling that you’re being followed online? Or you’re being watched closer than you’d like to be by your phone, your bank or even your online grocery store? Well, you can blame in on the new-age marketing automation and data analytic tools. And guess what, this is just the beginning.

With IoT devices gaining popularity, it’s time for you to be prepared for more snooping by your electronic devices. In fact, there are already many instances of frightening intrusion in day-today activities because of data breach caused by these devices. The machines are taking over and it’s time to brace for some serious interference in the near future.

Here are some examples of real-time spooks caused by IoT tech:

1.      When a smart-home is not such a smart idea

Have you wondered how safe it would be to have an IoT-enabled home security device installed in your house? Yes, home security devices are meant to make you feel safer than you otherwise did. It tracks movement in and around the house for unusual activity. It enables you to watch over your home if you’re leaving your kid with a nanny or when you’re traveling. The IoT-enabled home is able to track who enters and exits the house and all the data around that like the number of times people enter and exit, the time at which each person visits, duration when the home is empty, etc.

This data is stored on the internet-connected device, and the company that owns the device usually gets you to agree to a set of terms and conditions that basically allows them access to this data. And guess what, you have most probably signed an approval for them to share this highly private information with marketing agencies and anyone else who they deem fit. An even worse situation can arise if the data is hacked into and made public.

Check out what happened when a house was completely modified into a smart home – right from the tooth-brush to the beds, coffee makers and even the lights, baby toys and music. 

2.      When Alexa gives out a creepy laugh at night

So it’s time for bed and you’ve given Alexa the command to switch off all the lights and play your favourite falling-asleep music. Imagine a scenario where Alexa decides to give out a creepy loud laugh instead! That’s sure to send the shivers down anyone’s spine. And it’s exactly what happened to @CaptHandlebar, who wrote about his experience on twitter. If you’re brave enough, give the spooky laugh a listen here.

3.      When the government decides to track your every move

China is in the process of installing facial recognition devices on the streets and complete surveillance of all inhabitants through their smart TVs and phones inside their homes. A Chinese company is developing a platform that will link all these devices and provide a one-point surveillance for anyone who‘s given the access. This means that every individual will always be in a controlled environment. They’re also coming up with a social credit score, so individuals who have not paid their taxes or are unemployed will be tagged accordingly. For example, if you want to travel out of the country, apply for a loan or change your job, only after a detailed check through this platform. And any discrepancy could bar you from doing these activities, which today we take for granted.

Reliable Data Security Technologies in the Need of the Hour

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. IoT is literally being implemented in every field, from healthcare to defence equipment, nuclear power, banking sectors and other areas that maintain the safety and decorum of a country. It is vital to develop data security software and tools to ensure data is at all times safe and protected from hackers and unethical usage. It is only then that such devices should be allowed access into open markets for sale. 

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