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3 Ultimate Tips and Ideas for Improving Google Ranking through SEO

3 Ultimate Tips and Ideas for Improving Google Ranking through SEO

Thursday April 25, 2019,

4 min Read

For online businesses, top ranking is a “must” factor. Have you gone crazy trying to unlock the secrets of how to improve Google ranking and performance? Like you, there are many managers and business owners as well as newbie business owners who want to know these secrets. You may hear the term “search engine optimization” or SEO; especially you are related to digital marketing. This is not a thing of magic. So you have to know the key factors to bring your company at the top rank. But how? The truth is that you may follow these below discussed tips, along with this, you have to be little creative and dedicated to your work.

Google constantly changes its nature, so you should be alert all the time to get the first rank and to hold this rank. If you want to drive traffic through Search Engine Optimization, it is best to create a well-designed website with high-quality content. This is not hard work. Many people think that it is luck, but the truth is that luck cannot win you to get the topmost position. For this, you to be the master on-page SEO and off-page SEO, you have to learn how to optimize and have to understand the new SEO rules.

Here are the steps, which I will discuss in this guide.

1.    Know the Google ranking algorithm:

You may have many SEO strategies, which you use on your website right now. But Google always changes its strategies. Here I am giving you the strategy for your long term success. The exact inner strategies of the algorithm are unknown to the general public while Google keeps changing the major update announcements. There is just a speculation from industry professionals. Changing search algorithms is the biggest obstacle to SEO success. Google would not succeed in ranking only the best results if everyone knows the strategies of how to rank in the first position. If you want to get the top rank, it is a good way to hire Search Engine Optimization experts to capture traffic.

There are some major algorithm updates such as,

Google keeps updating its several strategies; among them, the most effective requirement is a mobile-friendly website. To get a top rank, the website should be mobile -responsive. Likewise, you could follow the subsequent updates of Google, such as -

·       Pigeon - To integrate local search results like Google Maps

·       Hummingbird - To understand the context

·       Penguin - To boost the rankings and to target the spammers

2.    Current search ranking assessment:

You will need to know where you stand now in order to improve your ranking. For new sites and old site, this is true. Thankfully, you can get help from several tools and resources. You can assess your rank by typing targeting specific keywords in the search engine box. You may also type your website’s URL. You will understand the below things when you get your site on the result page.

These are –

·       In search engine where your site ranks.

·       In search results which topic comes first on the page.

·       You will know the monthly searches of your website.

·       For the keyword, you will know about the number of cost-per-click.

As this is a Google ranking factor, it is important to check the website’s speed. You have little chance of a high-speed position if your site is slow.

3.    The website should be mobile-friendly:

Searchers, especially new readers love to surf websites on a mobile device and it will continue to grow. More searchers take place on mobile devices than on desktops. To get the top place, you should aim at attracting new readers through Search Engine Optimization and for this, you need to focus on rich content and informative video resources.  Make sure the website keeps full functionality across mobile devices and also make sure that your website uses the best practices of web design. To get used of the page to different devices, add the Meta tag to the head of each page. This Meta is used for the browsers. Along with this, make sure that your Google My Business profile is up-to-date.

There is a more certain level of mystique to unlock the challenges over how to improve Google search ranking. These are the three key strategies that will reliably help your website perform well.