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3 Ways Personalization Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns

3 Ways Personalization Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Monday April 15, 2019,

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Many brands think that customization simply refers to adding the first name of their customers in their email communications. However, customization is so much more than that. Effective personalization can help you increase your sales and generate more revenue.

Most customers like to receive email communications especially tailored for them. It makes them feel special. In fact, 52% of customers have stated that they are open to switching to a different brand if they don’t receive customized email messages. Even 65% of business buyers are likely to switch over to another vendor for lack of personalization.

This infographic by PostFunnel explains how personalization can enhance your email marketing campaigns. Following are three ways in which you can use personalization to amplify the success of your email communications.

1. Offer Special Discounts on Your Customers’ Birthdays

Special occasions like birthdays are great opportunities for sending a customized email message to your loyal customers. Such emails indicate that you care about your customers. You can even sweeten the deal further by sending them a special discount coupon for the occasion.

American clothing brand, Banana Republic, uses this strategy. They make sure to send birthday wishes along with a special discount to their customers on their birthdays.

2. Offer Category-Based Discounts

You can also send discount coupons to your customers based on their preferred shopping categories. You can collect data related to your customers’ shopping habits and use it to execute this strategy.

This will guarantee that your email messages are focused and are based on your customers’ interests. It will make your customers feel special and encourage them to shop more.

IncStores implemented this personalized email marketing strategy and gained 750+ new subscribers each week. The brand also succeeded in increasing their email list by 300%.

3. Share Personalized Stories

Through personalized stories, you can not only make your customers feel special but also inspire them to shop. Again, you can collect your customer’s interactions and data and create a customized story for each of your customers.

Emails with personalized stories like this will help you build strong relationships with your customers. For instance, easyJet sent personalized emails to their customers highlighting their amazing travel stories in the last 20 years.

You can also use these personalized email strategies to increase the impact of your email marketing campaigns.

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Image courtesy: Post Funnel

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