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When my little dream became a reality

While the college admission season is on in full gear, I decided to share my first year of college life experience.

Tuesday June 21, 2016,

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Unlike other kids, I always knew what i wanted to be : A Journalist. Despite many attempts by my parents, relatives and friends to convince me otherwise, I refused to give up on that dream. By the time, I reached Class 10th, I was sure regarding the choice of college and the course I wanted to pursue. I clearly remember the day when Delhi University released it's first cut off. I crossed my fingers and opened the cut off list. It was no where near to what I had expected. I remember crying like an inconsolable little girl all night who didn't know what to do next. It seemed foolish to everyone how I was crying over a college but for me; it was everything I had dreamt of. In no way, could I get admission into my favourite course in this college whose cut off started at 98.5%. So, I got admission in another college with a completely different course and left everything on destiny. It seems crazy now, but it all made sense a year ago. After every cut off, I would still peak into the reduced cut off list with a slight hope.

When the fourth cut off list came out, I randomly scrolled through the cut offs with actually no hope this time. But, there it was. It was 95.2% for journalism in my dream college. I checked it again and again. Well, for that moment I couldn't believe my eyes or even myself. I rushed into my parents room, and screamed 'I GOT IT. IT FINALLY HAPPENED', and I went into shock with tears streaming down my eyes. It was a big moment for me that I can never forget. The next day, I was among the first few to take admission into my dream college with my dream course.The cut offs closed after that, clearly indicating the sheer luck I had.

The college started with a lot of excitement, and a little bit of nervousness. After being pampered for years by parents, following a set schedule, college life brings independence and freedom, which was completely new for me. One question that almost every fresher has in mind is : Will I be able to make new friends ? This was a big question for me as I had always been a shy person and a big introvert. I kept meeting new people and gradually making new friends over a cup of coffee or during a discussion on the current issues, gossip or serious discussions on food. Our classes start at 8:45 in the morning and last till 4 to 5 in the evening unlike other colleges but the way it is structured, makes it more of a learning experience instead of an exercise that we have to do forcefully.

Our classes are not restricted to prescribed readings but instead include watching documentaries, movies whether it's a Charlie Chaplin film or a a serious movie like Osama ( which depicts the life of women in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime). It is not restricted to sitting in the classrooms for hours to attend a boring lecture but instead visiting media houses and gaining first hand experience. The teachers, who we had dreaded all our lives, became our favourite mentors and we developed a relationship more than a teacher and a student, guiding us all the way and giving us life lessons to practice and endure no matter what profession we might end up taking.

This institution has a place for everyone in its ambit, whether a dancer, actor, poet, writer, artist, an entrepreneur, a designer, a photographer or a thinker. In the first month of college, there seemed to be a race going on. A race to get into the societies whether it was a dance society, drama society, film and photography society and the list is endless. It was a race to make it through the auditions and make a space for themselves in this new college life. There were moments when I doubted myself, felt bad for not being extremely talented in this pool of talented people around me. But, I eventually realised that you don't have to be sad for not getting into a college society or if you choose not to because eventually you will find your own path that interests you the most in the due time. And, would not be judged for the road not taken.

 Dear young readers, if you are worried about this big change in the life, let loose and hop on this adventurous ride. College challenges you to be a better version of yourself every singe day by stimulating your thoughts, actions and your understanding of the existing realities. It gives you opportunities and choices to rise up to every single day. It allows you to be yourself and express yourself. There have been moments when I have doubted my capabilities, my future and myself. I still don't know which road to choose ahead or what the future has in store for me. But Am i afraid ? Not at all because I know it will all be worth it in the end.