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Office 365 obtain new features

Friday December 02, 2016,

2 min Read

Recently, Software giant Microsoft’s Office 365 added new collaboration features. It is mainly designed and developed for the businesses purposes that give access to Microsoft Office tools virtually from anywhere.

By using the new features now in Office 365, one can upload attachments in Microsoft’s Outlook, co-author in PowerPoint (PPT), and could use Shared With Me view across its apps. Some of the new modifications to the cloud functionality are already offered by Google Drive.

Users can see real-time co-authoring abilities through Office 365’s PPT so that they can now see with whom they are working and the edits such as typing or changing they do. This feature replicates what one see in Google Docs when two users are working on the file.

Now the users can get notifications through mobile (Android and Windows) when changes are made to Excel, PowerPoint and Word. This feature is coming soon for iOS.

Users can get rid of downloading OneDrive files to attach it to any email or to download an attached file merely to upload by which they can share it with other users.

Saving and sharing permissions for files are now supported by Outlook and this is applied to pictures, contacts including files among other document types.

And span across many applications of Office 365, with Share With Me feature. Using this tab in Excel, PowerPoint and Word users can find and open the files that others shared with them and works very close as OneDrive’s folder structure.

Along with these Microsoft added ‘Recent Folders’ list of each of the key programs in the ‘Recent Tab’.

Coming to SBase, it provides Office 365 with flexible and familiar tools for collaboration across devices, platforms and team.

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