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10 tips for getting more web traffic

Try these tools, apps, and techniques to generate website traffic when your budget isn't so great. 

Sunday September 24, 2017,

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Everybody needs web traffic. Right? If website traffic is good for your health. Read this. 

When budget is not really big, a small business needs traffic to its website regardless. These are ways you could generate more website traffic to help small business grow its online presence in a sustainable way, especially if it runs an active blog with engaging content.

Here is the thing, my tips for you on how to generate more website traffic:

WordPress Publicize Tool: Wordpress has a in-built tools called WordPress Publicize Tool you can use to drive traffic to your website from your social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

All you need do is link your social media accounts to your website and activate the WordPress Publicize Tool.

Once you Publish your post, the WordPress Publicize tool automatically pushes your blog post to the social media accounts that you have already linked to your WordPress blog.

Keyword ResearchKeyword research can be a good source of website traffic  if you know how to identify keywords that have high search volume but between low to mid-level competition. 

Web Traffic from these high volume keywords may not necessarily have to do with converting readers to paying customers, as most times you are in between optimizing for keywords that brings in more traffic or targeted keywords that will bring sales qualified leads.

Traffic Generator AppsThey are web-based apps that can help you drive traffic to your website from exchange programs and cross-promotion of content. Find out about the best traffic generator apps you can start using today.

Link BuildingTraffic from back links to your website may not always turn out huge but visitors from a link source already know what you are up to. And as such, it is easier to convert leads from link sources to customers. 

For link building to bring you traffic, you should consider the average volume of traffic your link source gets and how relevant is the website to your business.

Other tips to get more web traffic include answering questions on Quora, Email Marketing campaign, Re-purposing Content into different formats and sharing them, PR Sites and Guest Posting. Read up in 10 Sure Tips to Generate Massive traffic to Your Website.