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Top professional IT courses and career opportunities in India

Choosing a Course is bit little tough nowadays and its becoming big problem to choose a course for students those who completed their graduation.

Top professional IT courses and career opportunities in India

Monday August 06, 2018,

3 min Read

Choosing a Course is a bit little tough nowadays and it's becoming a big problem to choose a course for students those who completed their graduation. Here I have written about how to choose a course and top 5 Courses which are now trending with a good future scope. Choosing the best Course will lead you to a successful career or it Could lead you to make things worse for the entire career.

How to Choose a Course:

First of all choosing, a course is completely your choice based upon your Interest, knowledge, and Passion. In my case when I was pursuing B Tech with Electronics Background, I was pretty much interested in Blogging, digital-marketing, and Designing. Then I started working as an intern for a reputed company to acquire some knowledge regarding my interests. Like that everybody will have their own dreams, but because of the situations they choose wrong career choices. Here I have given some top trending courses and their future scope in India as well as abroad.

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is one of the trending courses in India as everything is going Digital nowadays. Nowadays everything is becoming online, where people are even buying vegetables also from online and paying transactions online. According to the survey, By 2020 Jobs on Digital Marketing will be Vast and it will become one of the hottest jobs in the world. Another important aspect of Digital Marketing is, anybody can earn money through online those who are well experienced in Digital Marketing.

Amazon Web Services:

Cloud Computing is one more hottest jobs in the world as World is Addicted to the internet. Amazon web services are one of the Cloud Computing Platform by biggest leading giant Amazon as there are many other competitors like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud etc. Coming to the scope of jobs in Aws Cloud, huge openings are there in Level 3 companies, Startups and some top Mnc’s. Pay Scale of Aws certified professionals will be around 10L to 12L per annum on an average and it is the right to start your career in Cloud Platform.

Graphic Designing:

Graphic Designing is my most Favourite course all the time because it's a creative job. Every company from startups to Mnc’s required Graphic Designer’s to represent their projects visually and graphically. Payscale for the Graphic Designer will be very high with less experience that depends upon your creative ideas and Implementation. Those who are boring with coding and having good creativity they can choose Graphic Designing as their career choice. I can conclude Graphic Designing is the most entertaining job and high pay scale.

App Designing and Development:

Applications (or) Apps are increasing day by day as there is an increase in usage of Mobiles, Laptops, and Tablets. It’s becoming more common in the education sector, entertainment sector, Gaming Sector to create applications for their own branding and awareness. There are several types of apps like Android Apps, Microsoft apps, Ios Apps etc, which are in demand now and the scope of jobs on App Designing and Development is very high.

Choose your career with some good research and start it. All the Best for your Career Growth and Success.


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