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5 Ways to Remain Peaceful in Every Situation

Being happy and peaceful in today’s world is the greatest luxury. We cannot escape from work, family, and personal goals and sit in solace to find a happy world. But we can definitely adapt certain practices and tips to find peace in whatever we are doing in our life.

5 Ways to Remain Peaceful in Every Situation

Wednesday November 01, 2017,

5 min Read


I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.” ― Jim Carrey

Challenges in career, responsibilities at home, and the quest to grow more makes us anxious and stressful. The sad part is that even after achieving a particular goal we aren’t able to get absolute happiness. Fulfillment of one desire leads to another and to another and so on. Moreover, for fulfilling all those dreams, life takes us through twists and turns ruining our peace completely.

The amazing part is that only a clear and peaceful mind can conquer every battle in the world. For instance, someone who is impatient and anxious all the time will have a hard time losing weight. That’s why being peaceful is not just important for enjoying life but for achieving the BIG dreams.

In this article, you will read about simple yet powerful tips which will help you to remain peaceful and contented in life.

1. Acknowledge Yourself

The first step towards gaining a state of peace begins by validating your actions and progress. Make a note of your good qualities, the way you dealt with bad situations and how you managed to get through difficult times. Once you start acknowledging these traits, you will realize that you are able to remain at peace with yourself.

For instance, if you are already undergoing a struggling phase in life then write down about the way you are handling it. Create a progress report every evening and keep evaluating it on a daily basis. After a certain period of time, you will be able to know about your actual progress.

2. One Thing at a Time

In the era of multitasking, it is practically impossible to take up only a single task at a time. In reality, doing a lot of things at a time only invites stress and anxiety. So, it is good to put your focus on a single goal at a time. Although this doesn’t mean that you stop doing other things in life, you will have to set priorities in order to pursue them peacefully.

For this it is important to decide which goal is on highest priority for that particular time and then set a realistic deadline for the same. Once you start, you can create a progress report as mentioned in the previous point to keep a check on your growth.

3. Don’t Run after Perfection

We all want things, people, and situations to be perfect. In fact, we all want them to be the way we want. But this desire to become perfect again becomes the reason to take away our peace. Once you set your target and the deadline, the chase to perfection and goal accomplishment begins.

Remember, nothing in the world is worth your peace of mind, not even perfection. So, put in 100% effort for achieving your goal and then wait for the results to come.

4. Meditate

Meditation is the art of letting go of things and situations. Meditation is a simple practice in which you simply have to sit with eyes closed. You don’t need to make an effort to think in a particular way or concentrate at a specific point. If your mind keeps on wandering the least you can do is to focus on the incoming and outgoing breath in your body. Every time the mind wanders, you can bring your focus back to the breath. Slowly, you will realize that the mind gets tired and becomes centered.

Even few minutes of deep meditation can relieve you from negative emotions and stress. It helps you to let go of cravings, aversions, and anything that is beyond your control. This helps you to be at peace with yourself and situations.

5. Look at the Bigger Picture

When we are too much into short-term goals, feelings, emotions. failures, deadlines often we lose the bigger picture. Just think of how a tough a situation in your life and how you felt about it? Does it all matter now? Do you even remember any of it?

Another six months down the line and you are going to forget your feelings and emotions which you are experiencing right now. They will have no significance. So, next time anything troubles you in the mind, just look at the bigger picture and know that it doesn’t matter.

Once you have taken over a goal or a commitment, just move ahead with valor and courage. Mind and time will keep on playing their own games. Hold onto your commitment and keep moving.

These were some of the points which will help you to remain at peace with yourself even in the darkest times. If there are any other useful tips, please feel free to share them as comments below. 

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