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How to be an independent, self-employed electrician

How to be an independent, self-employed electrician

Tuesday July 03, 2018,

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So, you have always been good at fixing broken switches and fuses and have wanted to take it as a career option. If you truly want to be working freely in this domain without having to do a day job, then becoming a self-employed and independent electrician is the way to go. For those who have an interest in this field and possess the right experience and qualification, it would be a great start to an amazing career. There are hundreds of freelance electricians who are doing well by choosing this path of earning. So, what exactly do you need to do in order to become a self-employed electrician? Let’s find out.

Qualifications required

The initial hurdle to cross will be to get the right qualification to become an electrician. A level 3 electro-technical qualification is required in this case. For this, you will have to become a trainee or work as an apprentice that will help get that level 3 qualification. Any college that offers level 1 or level 2 course will be enough to satisfy this criterion. You will have to grind through this course for at least 3 to 4 years before you are trained enough to handle electricity and electrical components safely. It would be best if you can get an ECS card because it is like the token of certification for becoming a self-employed electrician.

Tips to become an independent electrician

A reputed electrician is one who has a good client base. But, as a starter, you would not have that much of popularity. So, you will have to rely on self-promotion and self-publicity. A freelance career can be one of the best options once you become a known professional in the market, but your initial days of struggle has to be endured without any kind of frustration. Discounted work and introductory offers are the least you can do to make people know about you. Apart from that, here are some of the tips that you can follow:

• Getting a professional website designed is the first of many things that you should do. People look for electricians on the web these days and it is important to have an online presence if you want to connect with more clients quickly. You should mention the services that you offer, the prices you charge for different services, contact details and the areas you can cover.

• Get business cards printed with all the relevant details in it. You can give these cards to people you know well. Friends and family can be of great help. Give them several cards so that they can hand out in case someone asks them about a good electrician. Since they know you personally, it would automatically build a trust in the client.

• Advertising in free directory websites can be another way to reach numerous potential clients. As mentioned earlier, people tend to search for contact details of electricians on the web these days. If you are registered to multiple free directory websites, your name and details will appear on the list and the chances of getting more clients would increase.

• Another fruitful way of getting clients would be by advertising in the local newspaper. Although this may be a temporary option, it can be very effective. Moreover, the cost of advertising in the newspaper is really low. You can always come back after a few days to post the same advert again.

• Think about an insurance would suit for a self-employed electrician.

• Last, but not the least is promoting your work on various social media websites. This is another effective way of not spending huge money on self-publicity, yet having the chance to get a huge client base.

Becoming a self-employed electrician is not difficult, but you will have to be patient during the initial phase. It might seem that no one is coming to you for your service, but that is something very common. Every self-employed person goes through this phase and you will have to do the same.

Benefits of being a self-employed electrician

Freedom to work according to your will is something that gives peace of mind. This is exactly what your self-employed status will give you. Apart from that, there are several other benefits to becoming an electrician. Some of those benefits are given below:

• Earn as much as you want when you are working as a freelancer. Being self-employed does not bind you to any limited timescale for work. You can work as much as you want and that will increase your earnings.

• You have the full flexibility to work when you want and when you don’t. There is no boss to boss you around.

• You can work for multiple clients on the same day and take leaves whenever you want.

Being self-employed is always a great thing and good decision. If you are willing to take the risk of bearing with the dry period at the start of your career, then your decision of becoming an independent, self-employed electrician is well on your way to making a positive change in your life.